Message for Ravi and Family

Hi, my name is Tamara Geno. I’m from Vermont (USA). I connected today because I received an email on Ravi’s condition and wanted to send love and prayers to him and his family. I have been listening to Ravi for years and have truly been blessed by his gift for apologetics. Thank you :pray:

How do you hope to contribute?


Hi Tamara. Thank you for your post.

If you have something you would to share with Ravi you may do so at #ThankYouRavi

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Welcome to this wonderful community. May the Lord bless you!

Mary Beth

My name is Michael Sebright and I am from Philadelphia. I have been reading a slice of infinity for years and have found them to be critical in shaping my thinking and approach to faith. It is with my deepest prayers and love that I pour out on Ravi and his family. Ravi is one of the most articulate Christians I have ever heard. His boldness in Christ is inspiring and has given me great encouragement. Be well my friend and rest easy for your soul is almost home. Soak up your moments as you have every moment of your life. Stay bold and know you have impacted millions to see faith and there relationship to God differently and more deeply.

With much love #thankyouravi



Ravi . . .

I have listened to your lectures, and read your writings, for at least 40 years by now. I am so thankful for your invaluable influence on my life – as you became a most significant source in my search for the intellectual foundation of Christian belief.

Prior to that - I was mostly influence by Jesuits . . . (lol) . . .

But know that you were instrumental in my coming in faith to Jesus Christ . . . in Whom we rest all our hopes.

. . . with deep gratitude, Pat

Pat Clemente
p.s. . . . We have met twice along the way. . . .


Really grateful to God for your ministry and the impact that it had on me. As a person who was born in the east and started living in the west. I was able to really connect with your writings and talks about Jesus. Christ was truly magnified through your life. May God fill you with peace, comfort and strength in this season. #ThankYouRavi

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I have been profoundly blessed to follow RZIM and to listen to Ravi’s messages, read and studied his books. This man has touched my life. He inspired me to be more intentional with my faith, to read and study my bible, to study literature of other christian thinkers (as well as to read the footnotes)… and to always share the gospel in love. I listened to his messages during my undergraduate days at Uganda Christian University, I was inspired to explore more about world views and eventually taught undergraduate courses on Worldviews and Ethics from a Christian world view. I’m now a doctoral student at University of Pretoria- and I still listen to Ravi’s messages every morning, I follow the RZIM ministry on youtube- His messages are always a candle of hope during my tough days in doctoral school-especially when I’m wrestling with issues on faith and science…etc
The best accolade I can give to this wonderful gentleman is that, Ravi served God’s purpose in his time. What he leaves us is a challenge of continuous faithfulness to the gospel.
I pray that the Lord will strengthen the family and the entire team of RZIM.
I’m praying for you.
Jonathan Tumwebaze- Pretoria, SA

@ Ravi’s Reception in Heaven would be like:

His Mom & Dad: Welcome home, son.

Malcolm Muggeridge: Ravi, you don’t need to quote me anymore.

Norman Geisler to Jesus: Lord, here is my student.

Ravi to Billy Graham: Did you ask your question of ‘Why God has chosen you to be the Evangelist to the World?’

Jesus comes in….

Jesus holding Ravi’s hand introducing him to His friends, Wesley’s family, Martin Luther, C.S. Lewis, John Bunyan, David Livingstone, William Carey, Hudson Taylor and to many others face-to-face.

Jesus Christ to Ravi: Ravi, I would also like to introduce you to another friend whom I greatly loved while I was on earth. His friends there called him ‘Lazarus, twice dead and friend of Jesus’.

Ravi to Jesus: Lord, I’m so excited to see Lazarus.

Jesus calls Lazarus to his presence….

Jesus to Lazarus: Lazarus, here is my friend Frederick Antony Ravi Kumar Zacharias, of whom I told his coming today to heaven.

Ravi wondered and with tearful eyes: Lord, You called me your friend!! that’s what I always wanted to hear from you and the accolade of well done, my faithful servant!

As Ravi talks, Jesus wipes his tears off his face and hugs him. Ravi overwhelms with joy, peace and comfort that nobody can give in the world.

Ravi to Jesus: Lord, I want to hear a sermon from you.

Jesus to Ravi: Sermon??

Ravi to Jesus: Yes, Lord the one sermon you’ve preached to two disciples on the Emmaus Road.

As Jesus begins the sermon they walk not on streets of Emmaus, but on golden streets.

@ Ravi’s Departure here on earth is like:

Universal Church: We wish you were here on this earth for some more time to navigate us through this dark and evil world. Nevertheless, you’ve given us the light that we needed. Ravi, Thank you!!

We will be missing you! We will see you soon!

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Wow! What a wonderful way for us to picture Ravi’s reception into God’s Presence!