Michael Mol

(Michael Mol) #1

Hi everyone, I am first and foremost a follower of Jesus. The oldest of three kids brought up in a God loving and honouring home, now the father of three kids and head of a God loving and honouring home with my wife of 24yrs Jacqui (that’s to say: married for 24yrs, not 24yrs old!) We are members of Common Ground Church in Cape Town, South Africa. My mission / calling is to help people in my sphere of influence to live their best lives by being as healthy as they can be, and by being as fulfilled as they can be through enjoying God by glorifying him forever. Practically that plays out during “the week” as the head of Hello Doctor, a tele-medicine company I co-founded some years back, and on weekends as an occasional lay preacher / speaker at my own and other churches.

From LinkedIn: "Michael Mol didn’t go for career counseling, which could explain why he’s a medical doctor, an executive TV producer & presenter, an international speaker, social entrepreneur and founder of Hello Doctor. His twitter profile sheds more light @DrMichaelMol: “A husband to one, father to three, friend to few, a stranger to many… but not to God.”

(christopher van zyl) #2

Hello doctor! Glad to have you join such a wonderful community.
I see there are many people on this platform from common ground, maybe I should come and visit one day!
Always great having another fellow South African on here.
May we learn together!

God bless

(Isaiah J. Armstrong) #3

You’re a doctor! Cool! so glad to have you join Connect!

(David Vermaak) #4

Howdy Mike!

Grew up watching you on “Top Billing”, great to have you on here brother.

My name is David, immigrated to the USA 2.5 years ago and I’m a pastor in Cincinnati in Ohio,USA.

Look forward to connecting.