(mike) #1

Praise the Lord! God bless you all :slight_smile:

Where are you from? Connecticut

What led you to join Connect? I heard Ravi had an app and had to download it haha

How do you hope to contribute? I hope to get some difficult questions, answered. And also hope the Lord will give me the wisdom to be able to help answer difficult questions!

(SeanO) #2

@mmarino241 Welcome to Connect! May the Lord Jesus fill you with His Spirit and lead and guide you in all that you do. See you on the forums :slight_smile:

(Mary Mang) #3

Hi and welcome!

(mike) #4

Thank you sir, I’ve read a few of your posts, very knowledgeable, thank you!

(SeanO) #5

@mmarino241 Glad they were helpful :slight_smile: Look forward to conversing and Christ be with you.

(Scott Dockins) #6


One of my closest friends is from Connecticut. God bless you too!
I pray your experience of Connect is full of questions, and answers.

Welcome friend!