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Michelle Brennan

.Hi there! My name is Michelle Brennan. I am a believer in Jesus Christ, a wife, mom of 9, meemaw (grandma of 5) and a semi-retired small business owner.

I am from the great lakes state of Michigan.

I was led to connect by searching the RZIM site along with a desire to grow in my knowledge and faith in Jesus Christ.

I hope to learn and grow and I will participate in any way the Lord leads. I’m not too familiar with this kind of learning but I am excited to be here!


Welcome Michelle, :sunflower:

It is lovely to have you join us on Connect, this is a wonderful place to grow in knowledge and faith in Christ.
WOW, mom of 9, never a dull moment in your home or possibly a quiet one :smile:

You said you were semi retired, what is it you semi - do?
I see you are from Michigan, we have quite a few people on Connect from the Great Lake state.

Here is a short video from Ravi to introduce you to connect. :tulip: