(Michelle) #1

Say hello…
Where are you from?
What led you to join Connect?
Watch Ravi on youtube
How do you hope to contribute?
I actually wanted to learn about evangelism, I’ am new to this things

(Tim Ramey) #2

Michelle, I want to warmly welcome you to Connect. I am so blessed by your wanting to learn about evangelism. I am so burdened that, rather than watching the world drop off for eternity, you desire to learn how to be more effective in presenting the truth to them. How the world needs more like you!

Also Michelle, I am blessed to greet a “fellow” Filipino. I am not truly Filipino but feel like it as every year I go for a good month or more to Mindanao and work with a Tagakaulo couple as they translate the Bible and work with pastors in the mountains. I love your country and feel so at home there. Again, I am least familiar with the Luzon and the Visayan areas, though I’ve visited the Shelter in Cebu, which is amazing and I will stayed involved with them. But I work out of Davao and we work in the mountains. I love the work, the people, the climate - everything. I have a tiny grasp of Bisaya language but no Tagalog. I’ll be looking for you as it will be so good to get your perspective.

Welcome Michelle. Maayong Buntag (as it’s morning there but evening here!)

(Brian Fritz) #3

Hello to you! I am amazed how God brings people from all over the world to His kingdom and we all get inspired. Enjoy!

(Brittany Bowman) #4

Welcome to Connect, Michelle. Do not worry about being now- we are all learning together. :wink: Seriously, we study together and challenge one another in a way that is more loving than the world and a testimony to Christs light. I look forward to learning from you more!

(Michelle) #5

Thank you, this is a big step for me and my first time to seek out people who have the same belief in God. I have no previous experience in joining any christian group aside from school requirements and my first time deciding to learn about evangelism. I’am from Luzon and I speak Tagalog :). I decided I wanted to learn evangelism because I want to share the good news of God’s Salvation. I was so excited when I first discovered the truth about God’s salvation through the lord Jesus, I started sharing my experiences to my family, friends and classmates, they either looked at me with disbelief or tell me that Ive gone crazy. And this is coming from people who were taught the christian faith at a very young age. There are alot of lukewarm christians here in my country. Its times like this when loneliness steps in and Ill watch youtube videos of Ravi, Nabeel, Charles Stanley…and mostly praying to God, his the only one Ive been talking to because no one believes me over this side of the globe

(Michelle) #6

Thank you, me too I felt fascinated about different people from different parts of the world experiencing God and arriving at the same conclusion that salvation comes from accepting christ died for us. I was raised catholic but I never understood why jesus died for us, it was taught at school but I couldnt grasp the why part. It was only way back 2016 that Ive experienced the conviction of sins. It was so intense that Ive already thought about commiting suicide. Because I was raised catholic I was taught about hell so I got scared but I wasnt sure God existed so I asked him if he existed. There was alot of crying, bitterness, anger, guilt, depression involve. Then I drag myself to our computer and typed " why doesnt God care/or why he shows himself to others but not to me" (i forgot the exact words I typed ) and the passage Ive read was in Romans 9:11 “before they had yet been born or had done anything, good or bad, in order that God’s elective plan might continue, 12not by works but by his call—she was told, “The older shall serve the younger.” 13As it is written:“I loved Jacob but hated Esau.” And then after that I understood the why… I felt like water was poured on top of my head accompanied by clarity and amazement:)

(Michelle) #7

Thank you, I dont really know how I could contribute but I want to learn , when I watch Ravi , nabeel and francis chen I always think their so cool…I pray I could defend and share my faith like them

(Brittany Bowman) #8

That’s great, Michelle. I’d love to learn more of what stands out to you in their videos. Feel free to share a link to one of your favorite videos, and maybe even post some points/questions that stood out to you. Might spark an interesting conversation!

(Heidi Mitchell) #9

Welcome, Michelle! @Mich2016
So glad you’ve joined us :blush:

(Sieglinde) #10

Hell0 @Mich2016 welcome! I have already been inspired by reading your genuine, heartfelt responses. You are going to be such a blessing here :heart: I pray God will pour out His wisdom,
knowledge and understanding on you and bless your zeal for Him and others. So thankful you are here :pray:

(Tim Ramey) #11

Michelle, expect more of the same. If Jesus had followers leave Him, we can’t expect people will flock to Him because of our logic. I feel that the underlying issue is the original sin - we wanted to be like God. So even we can find Christians with one foot in their religion and one foot in the world but it doesn’t work. it is one or the other. And when I mean religion I actually am saying relationship - with Jesus.

I don’t even know you but I am proud of you that you have had the courage to take this big step for you. Quite frankly, it’s easy to take our beliefs in a corner where it is safe.

Nabeel was such a blessing to me as well. Also, you might like John Lennox too.

Michelle, you might want to click on How and Why to Memorize Scripture. We have two threads, one for memorization and one for prayer. Check it out.

(Michelle) #12

Thank you! Im glad I joined too!

(Marie Flores) #13

Hi Michelle! Welcome :smiley: I am also from here Philippines lives in Naga City right now, studied in Manila. You will learn so much from this group and I am telling you will be more interested about the holy bible when you read the topics and other questions that we certainly ask while seeking the Lord Jesus Christ and since God is always faithful and true I believe that this group is God’s vehicle for us to learn. Been praying for RZIM everyday in my quite time with the Lord.

God speed Michelle! :heart::heart::heart:

(Michelle) #14

Kabayan! I was wondering if there was any Filipinos here, yes Iam hoping to learn alot, Iam currently focusing on reading the bible and joined a scripture memorizing group here in connect. I live in San Fernando Pampanga :slight_smile:

(Kristina Garcia) #15

Hello Michelle! Welcome to Connect. I live in Manila. I’d be happy to get in touch with you. The ministry I’m a part of is hosting a one-day conference on Saturday, June 22 with speakers from the RZIM team. You can search for the event on Facebook: “Loud Absence: God, Evil, Pain & Suffering.” Hope you can make it! Look for me!

(Tim Ramey) #16

@Kristina_G @Mich2016 @MC_Flores

Michelle, I welcomed you earlier. I was wondering if you three knew of any Filipinos in Davao? I go there every year for some time working with some Tagakaulo nationals. I also go to the Children’s Shelter in Cebu so if you know anyone from there, it would be nice to connect as well. It’d be nice to connect in Connect! I do love your country and people.

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(Kristina Garcia) #17

Hello @Tim_Ramey!
Thank you for loving and serving my countrymen. You are a Pinoy at :heart:
I am originally from Cagayan de Oro, in the northern part of Mindanao and speak Bisaya. I also have friends in Cebu and Davao. However, I am not familiar with Tagakaulo nationals :sweat_smile:

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(Michelle) #18

Thank you, I take a look at it! Glad to meet fellow Filipinos here!

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(Michelle) #19

My mothers side of the family are from mindanao but all of them relocated to Manila. Iam sorry I couldnt be of help. Most of them (my moms side are practicing budhism sometimes they go to a catholic church but not often ). In fact I just cried because I prayed to God to save my dad because his health isnt that good he smokes alot… I caught him watching a documentary on the life of Jesus in youtube. And he made fun of Jesus and my younger brother joined in…

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(joanne) #20

Welcome Michelle. You’re in the right place to learn about evangelism :smiley