Mick Hogan

Greetings to all!

Where are you from? Sydney, Australia

What led you to join Connect? To send my thanks and best wishes to Ravi.

How do you hope to contribute? Perhaps my unique experience in life, and in light of the Gospel, may assist someone, sometime, along the way.


Welcome to Connect Mick! We are so glad you have joined with an encouraging message for Ravi. And certainly your life experiences will be an encouragement to others as you are willing to share. God works through us all when we allow Him to and your unique perspective is valuable. :blush: God bless you brother!


Hello @Mellermick We extend a warm welcome to you from this wonderful Connect community.

Thank you for your regards for Ravi and his family. They are cherished and appreciated.

We would love to know more about you and how the Lord has worked in your life through the power of the Gospel. Depending upon your personal interest, there are multiple avenues and backgrounds within Connect that may be a source of encouragement to you as you seek to assist others in their journey or grow in your own.

Again, welcome and we look forward to our future conversations.

Grace and peace,
Mary Beth


Hi and thank you Mary Beth!
Your welcome note is encouraging and appreciated. I wonder if you can help me? I did prepare a message of thanks to Ravi and I thought I had posted it in the community. Now I can’t find it and there is no record of it in my account. Perhaps I sent it as a private message, which would be fine, but I would still expect it to show in my summary. I still have a draft of it so if it’s not been posted then I’ll do it again. Any help appreciated :blush:

Many thanks, Michael

Hi @Mellermick Try sending it to this link: #ThankYouRavi and if you encounter any problems in doing so, please get in touch and I will contact someone on staff who should be able to help you further. I have also checked and did not see it posted in the activity log.

Due to the volume of traffic we are experiencing please know that the response time may be a little slower that normal, but you have not been overlooked.

I appreciate you making us aware and please let us know if you have any further concerns.

Mary Beth

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Thank you Carrie!


Hello @Mellermick I am just checking back in to see if you were able to post the tribute to Ravi or if you located the one you were talking about. Let me know how I can help. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you Mary Beth
Yes, I was able to post my letter of thanks to Ravi. It’s a poignant time for us all when such a person who has impacted all of our lives so significantly could be taken from us.

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Hello @Mellermick Thank you for letting me know that you were able to get it posted. We heard over the weekend that Ravi’s wife and family have been reading the tributes to him on a daily basis and these have given him a lot of joy. You are a part of that encouragement to him.

A painful time indeed. I cannot tell you how these tributes have affected us, too. It has been through tears and laughter that we have seen the hand of God moving on His global Bride. In the midst of the suffering of a man we all love and those sufferings taking place all over the world, we also sense an undercurrent of joy. Joy at what God is bringing about in each and every individual, family and nation.

We are hoping for the chance to get to know you better and dialogue more. Thanks again for your post and may He bless you in the journey.

Mary Beth