Hi everyone

I am from Ecuador and currently living in Sydney, Australia ( a bit of background: I moved to study and live in Haifa, Israel for 5 years. Around 6 months ago I moved to Sydney to do my doctorate)

I have done the RZIM courses on the past, trying to catch up with the Christian community

My intention is to get in touch with people living in Sydney, some topics here are very contemporary but I do find hard to communicate just in social networks, so trying to engage with people in the closer community


Hi @migueloyolaborja,

Welcome! I’m so glad you’ve joined Connect. I trust you will meet many encouraging people here and that it will be a great continuation of the experience you’ve had with the RZIM Academy courses. I look forward to your contributions!

May I ask - what is your doctorate in?


Welcome aboard @migueloyolaborja. Boy, you have been all over the world. I see too that you are an Academy alum. So good to have you join. Your experiences and education will be so helpful to so many here. The foundation you forged will enable so much help here. Please participate as often as you are able. God-bless you and your journey.


Wow, you have traveled a bit! Welcome @migueloyolaborja, it is wonderful to have you join here. What was it like to live in Israel? Israel is on my bucket list and I hope to travel there in the very near future. I trust you will find this an encouraging and insightful forum. There are a plethora of conversations to browse through. Please feel free to engage :pray:t2:


Thanks Carson!

My doctorate is on Transportation policies (e.g. why is it taking too much time to implement bicycle ways in some cities in comparison with others). I moved a bit from engineering to Psychology -Travel behavior- and now to Policy studies.

Looking forward to being in touch

Best regards


Hi @sig
Israel is an interesting place, you can go from one of the more religious city on the planet (Jerusalem) to one of the more liberal (Tel Aviv) in one hour, so it’s quite surprising. Another interesting thing is to see how religion was assimilated by the state and how secular people, in general, feel about religion because of it. Well, there is a lot more but in short, Israel is a very interesting place.

Looking forward to engaging in the conversation here,