Mike Biancalana

Hello all,

I’m connecting from Kalamazoo, Michigan in the United States. I heard about Connect from the podcasts Thinking Out Loud, Ask Away, and Cover to Cover. The heart posture evident in those discussions was what led me to join. I’d like to follow the discussions surrounding the podcasts I mentioned. Who knows? It may be that I’ll even have something to contribute. In any case, I hope the culture I have observed shapes my own heart and mind.

Soli Deo Gloria,


Welcome, Mike @DC_Clay. I’m also new to Connect within this month and have already been challenged by the questions and responses. I’m sure you will find a category or more that will hold your interest and that you can contribute to. It is a very welcoming community and a safe place for q and a’s.


I joined this evening. I have been amazed at the depth, maturity, gentleness and respect in the discussions I have read. This is a great community.


Welcome @DC_Clay, it’s so nice to meet you :slightly_smiling_face: I had just mentioned a podcast I listened to yesterday on “Ask Away.” They post them here on connect so you can follow discussions here, https://connect.rzim.org/c/podcast-discussions/ask-away
I trust you will be a blessing here by engaging in the conversations. Enjoy :pray:t3:


A warm welcome, Mike! @DC_Clay :relaxed:

So glad you’ve joined us- I love the RZIM podcasts, as well!

Enjoy exploring this community, and the many great conversations going on-

Feel free to chime in as you feel led :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard @DC_Clay fellow michigander. Glad you have joined up. I live in Lansing Michigan. I hope you are blessed by the discussions here. If there is any question that you have please feel free to send a pm my way or post in this thread. I look forward to reading your posts. God-bless you and your journey.

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