Mike from upstate NY

Hello, I am from upstate NY in the US. I have always enjoyed listening to Ravi. He has a brilliant mind and is able to articulate very well his position and perspectives. I thought it might be nice to join a group of like minded individuals and be in a community to be able to ponder questions in a free-form sort of environment. Its always nice to hear multiple perspectives and get insights from very different perspectives to support an argument.


Welcome Mike @mlindstrom72!

You will love this community, they’re all very kind and the discussions are edifying, educational, and informative. It’s a refreshing thing, especially in this crazy world we live in

Welcome again, can’t wait to hear from you, enjoy!
Grace and peace to you,


Hey Mike! Thanks for joining this community and welcome to the RZIM community!!!


Welcome aboard @mlindstrom72. It is good to have you with us. Thank you for joining like-minded image bearers who do like to ponder questions and share ideas. I think you came to the right place. I hope you enjoyed the conversations and the comaraderie. God-bless you and your journey.

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