Mike M.

Hello! I’m Mike. I work in hectic Silicon Valley (San Jose, CA). I’m recently divorced after 18 years, and learning how to redo life raising my teenage daughter. I’m a follower of Jesus, was raised Catholic. I no longer attend the Catholic church and prefer smaller non-denominational churches instead. I’m also an active participant in helping men with sexual brokenness and recovery.

I’ve been work for a large tech company as my day job for many years, and play musician (jazz guitar, worship) when not working. I also enjoy time with my daughter and the outdoors (camping, hiking, etc.)

I’ve been a fan of RZIM for many years but last year I (finally) completed the Core module, which was a goal for me. I plan to do more modules, just not sure which one yet. They all look good!

I’ve been lurking silently on RZIM connect for a while since completing the Core Module, but thought I would finally introduce myself and get started with contributing in earnest. So, here goes!


Hi Mike this was me as well.

Welcome aboard my brother so glad you are here to share and grow with us. Jump on in and post a question, share your testimony or respond to a question. Blessings to you.


Welcome aboard @mckenna. It’s a great choice to come alongside us here it connect. Thank you for deciding to do that. I am an attorney who works in family law so I know that the divorce process can be very trying. It’s sounds like you have a very optimistic perspective though and have your priorities in order. I look forward to reading your posts. I hope you enjoy engaging with the many thousands of Christians here who care very much and who are very well read. God-bless you and your journey.

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@mckenna Nice to meet you!

Hi Mike! Welcome to the family!

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