Mike Olson

Say hello…HI, all.

Where are you from? I am retired now to Upper Michigan, my original home after moving 75 times in my work career.

What led you to join Connect? The invitation I heard on radio.

How do you hope to participate? To obtain answers to questions, perhaps offer some insight in my fields and make good friends.


Welcome sir

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What an honor to have you here, dear brother! Here you will find a worldwide community that is looking forward to learning more about our Lord and also want to serve Him better. Please feel free to ask me for any help you need here in Connect.



Thanks, now as a terrible computer user, I will need to learn how to navigate the system.


Haha, I’m right there with you my brother! There is so much good info on here though. I definitely look forward to learning more from you and everyone else that takes the time to post. I’m very grateful for this opportunity to receive wisdom and i pray for the discernment to know what is from our Lord.


Welcome aboard @wyolaramie. I love having fellow michiganders joining it connect. Where did you go in the upper peninsula? I hope you enjoy connect. This is a great place to have meaningful discussions. Please do consider encouraging a new member or supporting somebody that is struggling. God bless you and your journey.

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Hi, Scott. I am in Escanaba, my hometown after working and living on the road for 45 or so years…and moving, no exagerration, 75 times, now settled back here for 7 years in same place, amen. I looooook 4ward to connect.


Good to have you with especially after all those moves. Hopefully you are settled and are able to participate as frequently as you are able. Thanks for letting me know. I am in East Lansing. But I am originally from Wisconsin so I am a huge packer fan. I hope that you say Hi to all my Packer buddies up in Escanaba.