Mike O'Neill

Hi, new to this site, but have been listening to Ravi for years on radio. Also have been following the ministry on Instagram for quite a while, and get the digest email. Today’s article by Xandra Carroll is what prompted me to join. Ms. Carroll wonderfully articulated many of the thoughts I have had swirling around for a while. The encouragement to share the article will be acted on.

I live in Sarasota, FL, and an active member of our local body that meets as Calvary Chapel Sarasota. I can hardly wait until we can practice fellowship again.

I am feeling led by God to be more focused on His Truth in my opportunities of interaction with non-believers. Additionally being able to interact in a community here will allow me to build confidence on topics, from a logical perspective of God’s Word. I have been recently impacted by quote I think was posted on Instagram by the ministry here “Imagine what landfills would look like if we obeyed the command not to covet”. Intriguing perspective on a topic that until recently, because of materials at RZIM, I would have quickly discarded thoughts as being too ‘green’ or too ‘treehugger’. I am learning (happy to say everyday) that balance of God’s worldview in relation (causation?) to His creation, especially related to his most cherished creation… persons.


@vtsmike Nice to meet you!

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Welcome Mike @vtsmike. Glad to have you here. I hope you feel at home. Yes, his thoughts are higher than our thoughts. We lack forsight, wisdom, intelligence, all the other virtues and many more. Taking the time to learn his ways only benefits us and not him. I sometimes feel sad on how many self-improvement books are out there and the person has not even read the most important, the living and life giving book in history - The Bible.

God Bless You. Look forward to chatting with you.

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Welcome Mike to the connect forum, a beautiful place to learn and grasp apologetics with similar like minded brothers and sisters in Christ. Perhaps you could share your insight in regards to Xandra Carroll and that post in the Daily Evangelism section here. I am sure others would also enjoy that article, who do not have it available. God bless your journey my friend.

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Welcome to connect mr Mike

You are a very deep thinker in our Lord which comes out in your introduction and surely you will find a place here for such inquiries and exchange!

And what a beautiful balance we learn of all of our Fathers beautiful work.

I am looking forward to reading your posts!


Welcome Mike, glad you can be part of our family.