Mike Shaw

My name is Mike Shaw. My wife and out little 5 month old baby currently reside in the USA. I am currently enrolled in the RZIM Academy core training module. I was introduced to RZIM Connect through an email about a writing contest. After seeing more about RZIM Connect and enjoying the interactive experience that RZIM academy provides i thought it would be fun to join. I hope to contribute by encouraging other believers but also learning from others as well!




Welcome @Encourage-each-other-daily-313! Encouragement is always welcome here!


Nice to meet you Mike!

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Hi @Encourage-each-other-daily-313, welcome to connect and I love your username :heart: We certainly need encouragement. You are going to be so blessed by taking the core module. Glad you are here and hope to read more from you :pray:t3:


Welcome aboard @Encourage-each-other-daily-313. So glad you found us and the academy. How many weeks have you been involved with the core module? Let us know how you are enjoying it from time to time if you would. If there is anything that impresses you, please post it. With the foundation you receive from the core module you definitely will be a blessing to many who need to hear some of the foundational truths that you will have then be able to share. Happy Thanksgiving. God-bless you and your journey.

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Welcome Mike,
As a RZIM alum I can assure you you will enjoy everything RZIM has to offer, they are meeting the need of the church today through their training.

thank you…

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Thanks for the greetings and kind words. Until I am done with the core curriculum i wont be as active on RZIM connect but I like the idea of sharing what I am learning.

Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving weekend

Where is the most appropriate place to post things I am learning from the curriculum?

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