Say hello… Hi my brother and sisters

Where are you from? Currently live in Venice, Florida, but originally from Kiev, Ukraine

What led you to join Connect? Different Podcasts of RZIM

How do you hope to contribute? My contribution to RZIM connect is to enthusiastically encouraged, assist, listen, and love all God’s people


Welcome aboard @Mikhael23. Glad to have you connecting with us. I had a place in Venice for a while down on the Esplanade. I like the enthusiasm. The site is so very friendly. And there are so many here who are well read and very kind. I trust you will find the discussions helpful and a blessing. God-bless you and your journey.


Hello, @Mikhael23, and welcome to Connect! I am excited because you are excited and look forward to reading more of your posts. :slight_smile: Is there a specific podcast or episode that has stood out to you?


Hello @Mikhael23, welcome to the community. Thank you for your kind heart in wanting to help others here. I trust you will find this a loving place. Enjoy browsing through the topics and feel free to engage :pray:t3: