Ministering to Unitarian

(walter little) #1

How do you approach a good friend who is a former Catholic and now a Unitarian?

Thanks Walt in Texas
God Bless

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(SeanO) #2

@wlittle6 I think the first step is to understand your friend’s journey. Why did he leave the Catholic Church? Why did he become a Unitarian? What does he believe now? People can be unitarian and believe quite a wide array of things.

You might try asking yourself some questions based on the Engel scale: Do I need to be cultivating or sowing in this season of my friend’s life? Is my friend even a seeker, or is he now more of a skeptic or spectator?

Praying that the Lord Jesus would grant you wisdom :slight_smile:


(Heidi Mitchell) #3

The Engel Scale is really helpful, Sean. Thanks!

@wlittle6 I’ve only had one close interaction with a Unitarian- we were actually engaged! He was raised this way, (so, it is different from your friend switching from Catholicism).

My then fiancé actually seemed like most Christian people at our Christian college we met at… I never knew to double check on his views of the Trinity (I’ve learned a lot since then!). He didn’t tell many people because of the division it caused in friendships…

However, your friend may be very comfortable sharing these non-Trinitarian views with others.
I would say, my then fiancé was well- versed in scripture to back up his beliefs…although when I went through the same verses (John 1:1 for example) I came up with different conclusions- pro-Trinity.

That relationship dissolved…but, I am much more sensitive to the knowing of the Trinity, and feeling ready to talk about it with others…as I was so blind-sided all those years ago.

I felt the Greek interpretations of the words we’d debate in scripture were very helpful…if your friend decides he/she would like to go down that road. (In my case, it was sort of Very Necessary : )

But- I get that you want to steer your friend in the right direction… the Engel Scale looks super helpful in discerning where someone is in their “readiness” to talk in certain detail.

I’ll pray you feel a Holy Spirit nudge in the right direction ; )