Miriam J. Ramirez

Say hello… Hello everybody, My name is Miriam J. Ramirez

Where are you from? I´m from Honduras

What led you to join Connect? What led me to join Connect was my participation as a student of The Core Module Course( Christian Apologetics Program) ,June - Sept 2020, on RZIM Academy.

How do you hope to participate? I hope to participate abundantly, learning a lot more from this community to continue spreading the word of Jesus around the world.


Welcome Miriam, hope you got a lot out of the core module and found it to be an enlightening and learning experience. I am in America on this world wide forum and look forward to your Q&A as you navigate the site. Please feel free to jump right into this great community of believers and searchers. Blessings upon you.



So good to have you joining connect @Mineth07. Congratulations on completing the core module. I trust it was a joy and blessing to you. Please do share the tenets learned here as you encourage and discuss the great questions of life with so many here. Thank you for coming alongside us. God-bless you and your journey.