Say hello…
Hi !
Where are you from?Northeast Tennessee, Tri-Cities area

What led you to join Connect? I guess internet advertisements

How do you hope to contribute?I am an ex/catholic so I have a different perspective .


Hey @melissagaffney68, welcome to the connect! We’re glad you’ve joined! :hugs: That’s wonderful that the Lord has brought you out of Catholicism. I’m looking forward to reading your contributions to the different discussions along the way! Feel free to join any of the groups that might be of interest to you as well as ask any questions that might be on your heart as well!


If your able to share, I’d love to hear your testimony! I have a few friends that are catholic so I might be asking you a few questions along the way as well. :slight_smile:


Hello Melissa @melissagaffney68 and Welcome to RZIM Connect. I am glad to hear your testimony of faith in Christ Jesus. I’m also happy that you have join us. You are free to share your questions and contribute to any discuss that might interest you here. Explore and Enjoy at your timing. God bless you
Grace and more Grace to you.


Welcome @melissagaffney68 and glad to have you join Connect :slightly_smiling_face:. I look forward to learning more from your life journey and please feel welcome to join into the discussions and ask any questions that you may have.

God bless

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