Mitchell Strickling

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My name is Mitch and I currently live in Midland, TX.

I have a BA in Entrepreneurship and MBA in international business. I have worked in financial management for 5+ years. I also had a three year stint in Colorado where I guided backpacking trips for Young Life and was on Copper Mountain Ski Patrol.

I listen to a lot of podcasts, with RZIM’s Ask Away being one of them (Veritas, Brian Zhand, Nomad, Mere Fidelity, etc).

I have some spiritual trauma which has led me to be a bit of a wanderer and a skeptic. Nevertheless, I deeply love and believe that Jesus is accurately portrayed in the gospels. Not too sure about the OT. Not too sure about anything really.

I enjoy philosophy, theology, skiing and rock climbing. And Jon Forman. And Dallas Willard.

I hope to encourage others in their faith!

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Welcome to Connect, Mitch! You’ve got an interesting background and no doubt this will lend itself well to the community. I’m very sorry to hear that you have some spiritual trauma, and will pray that you find comfort and perhaps healing here. @Cameron_McAllister will love hearing that you enjoy reading Dallas Willard.

Blessings to you!

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