Model Believers


(Joshua Elder) #1

Wang Ming Dao was a great leader of the evangelical church in China. His refusal to support the government church and their unorthodox teachings led him to be imprisoned for twenty-three years. All Wang ever had to do to be released was to join the government church or denounce Jesus Christ. He did neither. He once said this:

“I have no desire to do something great. It is simply my hope, in this world where truth is beclouded and where lusts of men have broken their banks, to be able to testify to God’s truth and to live out His life. I wanted to be faithful unto death; in my own particular sphere I want to glorify God; and I want to spread the fragrance of Christ wherever I go. It is not so much a large church that I want to build; it is rather to build up a church according to the mind of God. Two needs stand out in the world today. One is for model believers; the other is for model churches. My prayer accordingly, is that we may be model believers, and that ours may be a model church.” -Wang Ming Dao

In your own life, what does being a model believer look like?

What might a model church look like?

Not all of us will face imprisonment for our beliefs, but are there areas in your life where you might stand up more to glorify God?


(SeanO) #2

@Joshua_Elder Wow, makes me think of Bonhoffer.

I think given the overly politicized nature of the American Church, in our context it is more helpful to think of a 1 Cor 13 / Rom 12 believer. The model believer is defined by love rooted in a sanctified mind living in obedience to the risen Christ.

I think when a model believer is leading a Church, the Church will likely follow. As in the Old Testament, the Church often follows its leaders like Israel and its Kings. A portion of the Church will always be unbelievers, but a godly leader can still help push the culture towards what it actually should be if all were walking with Christ.

(Joshua Elder) #3

Good wisdom brother.

(Tim Ramey) #4

It sounds a bit like a typical response to your question, Josh, but I think Jesus sums in up in loving the Lord with all of our hearts and loving our neighbor as ourselves. What that looks like is someone who doesn’t have an eye on what they look like but have an ear out for the Holy Spirit’s leading. The church is a body made up of believers that all appear different because they are led differently. However, they are similar in that they all have a passion for Jesus, not based on feelings but what they know in their heart’s is truth. True faith is truly a most profound sight. As Sean says, it is the aroma brought about by walking with Jesus.