Morar Sheldrick-Jackson

(Morar Jackson) #1

Hi. I’m from the Wild West coast of Scotland
I’ve listened a lot to your podcasts. I’d love to contribute by helping to introduce others to such a fantastic resource in a hurting and questioning world where people are so needy for the gospel as you share it here.

(Heidi Mitchell) #2

Hi Morar! @Morar
Wow, Scotland! I love that you call it the Wild West Coast…sounds pretty great. I’ve been to England and Ireland…but couldn’t make it to Scotland that time around.

Anyways- welcome to Connect. I hope you enjoy exploring the many different topics in here.

I’m sure your friends would find this to be a great resource- so many great conversations to be a part of…hope they’ll join you, too!

So glad you’re here…and looking forward to seeing you in the forums :blush:

(Keldon Scott (Kel)) #3

Welcome aboard @Morar. I think I get to visit Scotland next fall -Aug 2020. We r going to the Notre dame v Navy game in Ireland. Thanks for joining us. Please be that ambassador for others to have a forum open to blessing them with care, love, and responses to their questions. God-bless your journey.

(Wynn Hardy) #4

Welcome to connect Morar. Scotland, that is a far cry from me here in the Deep South of South Carolina on the eastern coast of the US.
I just joined four days ago. I agree with you that the podcasts of RZIM ministry are a great way to share the gospel in this questioning world. I pray that God will richly bless you in your boldness for Christ.
Have you taken any courses in the RZIM curriculum?

(Sieglinde) #5

Welcome @Morar welcome! Boy would I love to visit Scotland! One of my favorite Scots is Alistair Begg, love the accent :heart: and Stuart McAllister has some very inspiring messages. One in particular that I will listen to again is on “freedom” @RZIMPremiumContent
Enjoy your time here🙂

(Morar Jackson) #6

Thanks, I’m excited to have found this resource, and to be connected with so many from across the pond! :blush:

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(Morar Jackson) #7

Thanks, I appreciate that. I’ll look out for these fellow Scots! :blush:

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(Morar Jackson) #8

Hi. I’ve checked it out but not taken the plunge! I’m thinking it would be a great way to be better informed and involved.
Thanks or asking. :blush:

(Godsgift ) #9

Welcome onboard. We share. We learn. We grow.

(Alison) #10

Hi @Morar

Welcome to the forum! I’m in the Wild SouthWest of England. It’s raining enough to be like Scotland right now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Great to have you here! I agree, the podcasts are brilliant, it’s how I got into doing the CM.


(Lara S.) #11

Welcome Morar! Although I’m in California, I am very proud to be a Scot by blood. Some serious roots from the Highlands. I’m curious what the Christian faith looks like in Scotland among fellow believers. Is Christianity growing in Scotland? How can we pray for Scotland? At least, in my circles, Western Europe doesn’t seem to be a high priority for prayer which means it may need the most prayer! Thoughts?

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