Morgan Nix

Hello everyone!

My name is Morgan Nix and I currently live in Atlanta, GA. I have been accepted into the Emerging Apologists Program in July and this is what has led me to RZIM Connect. I am eager to interact with my fellow EAP participants and share my knowledge and experiences as well as learn from all of yours!


Welcome aboard Morgan

From your brief CV it looks like you’re a very competent and engaging person. I look forward to your comments.



Hello @morgannix18, welcome to connect and congratulations! I trust you will enjoy browsing through the various topics and offering your insight🙂


Morgan, let all of us on the outside of EAP hear how it’s going. I bet it will be great! Good to have you here as well!

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Congrats, Morgan! @morgannix18
I hope you love the EAP - and as Tim @Tim_Ramey said- let us know how it goes!

Enjoy checking out the topics and conversations out in the forums :blush: