Most effective use of the RZIM Mobile App?

What’s the best way to use the App for a infrequent User?

I guessed that I would be able to find any of my recent posts, member comments, etc. But it seems to be a mishmash. A ton of topics to choose from. A zillion posts. And no way to make rhyme or reason of them. I figured your software would have Words tracked and then suggestions. So I am at a loss.

I posted honest reactions, but was misunderstood, and posts were taken down. So much for understanding or questions posed that would help me.or Rzim to get understanding. But whatever… I must have rushed too fast to post.

So I am back to desiring protocols and procedures for how best to use this medium in my life with Yeshua, Jesus.

Thanks for the help.

Hello, @Mkibos! Thanks for your feedback, and I’ll take a stab at trying to address some of your issues.

  1. If you’re trying to do a keyword search, the best tool is the search bar up at the top. Just click on the :mag: icon and type in what you’re looking for.
  2. If you cannot locate your posts, you can go to your profile page, you should be able to track your activity. This will lead you to those discussions.
  3. Since I’m not sure what questions you have, a quick browse through the Site Tutorials category might give you a better overview of the site in general.
  4. A general tip about starting topics for discussion: make sure you have a very clear question with which people can engage. We tend to discourage statements as discussion starters and encourage you to bring your questions with your reflections. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I suppose I was just lazy. And I have expectations for logical and strategic use. I am a tech and relationship person. Thanks for the tips. :heart:

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