Mounir Naoum Filho


I am from Brazil.
I took the Core Module of the RZIM Academy and was invited to be a part of this community. My wish is to deepen my relationship with God, growing in faith and knowledge of Him in order to help others know the love of Jesus Christ. I really want to serve the Lord with all my being. I want to share my experiences in this journey of preaching the Gospel and also get help learning how to approach difficult matters of faith.

In the love of Jesus


Welcome Mounir - this is a very good place to accomplish all of the things you have listed! I look forward to hearing you share your experiences.


Welcome Mounir, so good to meet you and grow together in truth.

I appreciate that and I am sure He does also. Please share as you can on the testimony page so we can rejoice with you what the Lord has done. Be fruitful and multiply His Kingdom with us here. Love in Christ


Hi @mfilhonaoum, welcome to connect and congratulations on completing the course! I trust you will find connect a helpful place to continue learning and growing :slightly_smiling_face:
What would you say was your most profound lesson in the core module?
Enjoy browsing through the conversations here and feel free to share your thoughts and insight :pray:t3:


Hi @sieglinde, nice to meet you,

The course opened my eyes to the reality that preaching the gospel is not about winning the argument but feeling real compassion towards people with the will of reaching their hearts. It’s important to be prepared to give good answers but with a humble spirit that atracts people to Jesus Christ.

Thanks for the warm welcome


@mfilhonaoum Thank you for joining us! I look forward to sharing perspectives with you.

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Welcome Mounir! God bless you and your family! This is a great group! I’m praying for us all God’s protection and blessing! It is so good to have a faith community! Love in our lovely Jesus!
Angela WG