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Hi all hope all is well. My question is how and where to you all draw the line with what movies you will watch and what movies you wont. ever since I got converted my wife and I. We have gotten rid of most of horror movies and we have stop watching alot of movies where the cuss alot and use Gods name in vain. I know as kids my wife’s parents had them not watch movies like Harry Potter example cause it was devil. So out of curiosity what movies will you stop watching immediately if certain stuff happens and what type of movies would you not even start to watch. Also we have been ask by my mother in law that they hope, we don’t become people, almost like they were when she was kids, ironically.
Cause we watch Harry Potter. but as soon as a movie maybe cuss to much or even use God’s name once we switch off and that will cause and conversion about being that Christian
Thanks hope all makes sense, lol kinda feels like I asking the same question twice just difrently


Growing up with a Christian background, my mom discouraged us to watch horror movies especially those with exorcisms and devils. As a child still I was curious and so I tried other less scary, horror movies. But in the end as I grew up, God convicted me to not support those media that are not pleasing to Him. It was fhroug from Paul 1 Cor. 10:23 that says “I have the right to do anything,” you say–but not everything is beneficial. “I have the right to do anything”–but not everything is constructive. " + Philippians 4:8 that these may be issues that are not directly wrong yet if it’s something that won’t be beneficial it wouldn’t hurt not to do. I understand we also can’t be legastic about this but I think it would also help by discerning and praying whether a certain media causes temptation for us. I also know a couple of friends who avoid movies with make out scenes just because it tempts their minds. I for one would still watch the same movie R13 and yet don’t get tempted. But then if a scene gets down to more sexual scenes ex. R18 ones or so, we’d fast forward it or even avoid watching to avoid temptations as well. Hope this somehow helps :slight_smile:


Great question! I agree with It all depends on the person and what they are particularly sensitive to. My pastor calls this the “thin religious line.” The line we draw for ourselves to say which things are and are not ok. And this line is not the same for everyone. For instance I do not think there is anything at all wrong with Harry Potter. In fact, I would say it has a very Christian theme. It is the love of the mother which causes her to sacrifice herself taking on the consequence of death to redeem her son from the curse.

Some people feel differently about the story. We have to be careful about foisting our religious sensitivities onto others being sure to walk in love towards others who have a different “line.” The danger, Paul say, is to think this knowledge of what is and is not ok is the determining factor as to what is and is not ok, when in fact it is the love for our brothers and sisters that determines what is and is not ok. If someone does not have the knowledge you have or is not as spiritual mature as you, it is not ok to condemn them for their lack of knowledge. For those that are still maturing and growing in their faith it is not ok to condemn others, who are further along in their walk.

There are things which are clearly out of bounds, such as adultery. But, watching more explicit scenes may affect some and not others. We have to be sensitive to our own hearts on such matters. While also keeping in mind that prolonged exposure to things which are “not beneficial” will begin to have a negative affect on us. While we may not struggle with lust and can handle what others might consider a “lustful” scene in a movie, overexposure to such scenes could generate within us such a lust problem.

We need to know when it is time to embrace and time to refrain from embracing using discernment to discern the seasons.


Hi Francois @FPPieterse, good question. Media has big influence in our subconcious and makes us go back to our worldly desires. As you have received great responses above, it’s crucial to discern to make sure you dont get tempted to doing things you dont want or make you normalize what we don’t accept as Christians. For instance, nowadays every show literally has a homosexual scene or something. It’s tough. Let God guide you.

God Bless.


Media, including social media can be used for witnessing. One of the ladies from my church has been using media for children’s ministry since COVID-19 lock down started. Rosa-Leigh an Friends is a channel where my friend uses puppets ( she is ventriloquist) to teach children Bible verses and Bible stories. She also uses Bible-relevant crafts.
Overall we need to ask the Lord for wisdom. This situation is somewhat similar to meat dedicated to idols. (1 Corinthians 8:1)


God has given you his Holy Spirit, His word and your own Conscience you got to decide what your willing to have in your life it may not be sin be is beneficial to you and your family did it add anything to life other the a moment of entertainment. 1 Corinthians 10:23

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Hi all. Thank you for all of your wonderful replies very helpful and insightful and what I take from this is. At the end because I know what is right and wrong and even what I will do or not do as a Christian, is how I can decide what I will and will not watch. the religious line we draw for ourselves, I also know what will affect me in what ways to stay away from that also. It really is hard to watch movies lately and feel that you stay true to who you are as a Christian. To say one thing and then do another. Like be against using God’s name in vain but then watch the movies that do it. Thank you to all once again.
Be blessed all.

You might check out “safe movies” for Christians on


@jlyons thanks very much for the suggestion. Manage to check out the website and it seems very nice. But unfortunately for us it is not available here in S.A it seems😞

Lo siento!

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Hello Francois! This is such a relevant question for the times we live in.

I tend to agree with the “Draw your own line”. Only you and your wife know what temps you, what bothers you and what convicts you.

However, I would always urge caution, as we can unwittingly become desensitized to violence, sex and immorality. The enemy knows your weaknesses and will exploit them if you allow him to.

Another consideration. If these types of movies, shows, video games or books interfere with time you could be dedicating to God, then perhaps the enemy has already infiltrated farther than you realize or meant to allow him to.

On the other side of the spectrum, there is a biblical professor whom I admire and he uses Psalm 101:3 to direct his actions in all things.
That is : “I will set nothing wicked before my eyes”.
He has told stories of his wife and he walking out of plays because he felt tempted, leaving a room because he didn’t like where a situation or conversation was headed etc etc.

I wish I had his discipline!

All in all, if the Holy Spirit is convicting you or sending warning signs, best to listen.
Hope that helps.

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Yes sir. Pure flix is Christian and faith based movies and lots of documentaries like RZIM.