Mr Adriel Bong

Hi Everyone,

God willing, I look forward to having offline or online chats with every one of you.

Where are you from?

I’m from Kuching, Malaysia.

What led you to join Connect?

I’m attending EAP Singapore in October 2019

How do you hope to contribute?

Anywhere that God wants me and my family. I’m coming to gain clarity over where I can help.


Welcome Adriel, RZIM, is a good place to start a conversation with others who are genuinely interested in helping one another. God is Good to All. Fred Proch


Hi Adriel, greetings from another ‘newbie’ here; great to have you on the forum! I’ve visited your beautiful country ~20 years ago for a wedding (a friend of mine married a Malaysian) - wonderful people and great memories!


You are welcome @Adriel.Bong

So glad you join connect. How is Malaysia doing for Christ? The EAP is really drawing many to a deeper knowledge and Love for God. Looking forward to learning from you as you join the conversation.



Welcome aboard @Adriel.Bong. Glad you have joined us. Best wishes to you in your studies with the Emerging apologists program. Thank you for being committed to your faith and looking for direction. Please do share your experiences with us. It is good talking to you from such a long distance away. God-bless you and your journey.


Hi @HansS, you’re more than welcome to come to my country again. The food is always good. :grin:

Hi @WorshipGod, Malaysia is a very interesting place. Multi religious and lots of opportunities. You’re more than welcome to come. :grin:

Last I checked there’s 79 unreached people groups so I try to pray for them when I can as I sense that’s the role I am to take for now.

Should the opportunity arise, I’d be happy to play a more active role in saving them.

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@Keldon_Scott Thanks for your encouragement!

I will try to share more when I can. :grin:

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@fredproch Thanks for your words of wisdom. I’ll try to keep that in mind, moving forward.

Keeping the upward look! God is Good to All. Fred

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