Mui Ling Lim

Hello everyone!

I’m from Malaysia.
Malaysia is divided into East & West, separated by the South China Sea. I am from Sarawak state of East Malaysia where 42% of the population are Christians.
I was raised in a non-christian home who worshipped idols. I became a Christian when I went to university in Australia.

I love apologetics and I felt RZIMconnect is a good platform for me to learn and hear from others.

I hope that my experience can encourage and help others who are seeking answers.


Hello @Mui_Ling_Lim, it’s wonderful to have you here. I am thankful that you found Christ and would love to hear more about that. There is a place here for testimonies if and when you feel led to share.
I trust you will find this a helpful place to learn and grow. Enjoy browsing through the various conversations and feel free to engage with us :slightly_smiling_face::pray:t3:


Thanks, Sig! Looking forward to learn from you.
God bless!


Welcome aboard @Mui_Ling_Lim. Thank you for coming alongside us. I hope that connect is a blessing to you. There are so many great conversations authored by so many well read and carrying members. If there is any thing that you need assistance with or guidance definitely just ask. God-bless you and your journey.

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Hello, @Mui_Ling_Lim! Welcome! I’m glad that we have gained a sister in you whom we will get to know for eternity in the presence of God. Thank you for all the experiences you bring. I’m sure it’ll be very helpful to many here.


Welcome dear Mui, your testimony of Salvation is quite encouraging and I have learnt quite some about Malaysia from you already. Thanks for sharing! I know you bring with you a wealth of experience in your journey with the Lord that would provide answers to many.


Hi Keldon!
Thanks a lot for your encouragment. Looking forward to learn from you.



Hi Nancy!
Great to meet you here at RZIM connect. Thanks for your encouraging words.
God bless,
Mui Ling