Say hello…Hi

Where are you from? SA -> Ireland -> Netherlands -> who knows

What led you to join Connect? Many questions. Ravi fan.

How do you hope to contribute? Ask questions. Maybe answer a few along the way.


Good afternoon Murphs, giving a long distance physical wave for West Virginia USA. Knowing the non digital age watching black and white as a kid this still amazes me. Welcome my friend to our beautiful world filled with people from all corners of the earth. Be safe and filled with hope that God has our best interests at heart.


Welcome to Connect Murph’s! I am new to the community as well but truly enjoying the people as well as the discussions. I have been listening to Ravi for years and every event has been a blessing. Praying that you have a blessed day and looking forward to both your questions and your contributions.

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Hi Murphs and welcome to Connect :slightly_smiling_face:!