Music and God's Presence

How is God presensce feels like? Is it like some said a warm feeling that creep within our body? Or there are other things? And is music in worship deliver us to that state or its just our feeling because of the music? I really feels that music can trigger our emotion and imagination to closer with God, but I am a little bit concern about it since I knew one of the guy from a worship band which songs i’ve listen to have decalred that he has denoumce his faith. Hopefully you guys want to discussing it. Thank you. God bless. ( PS: Sorry for if there any gramatical incorrect)


@wegananda Great question :slight_smile: I think it is important to remember that emotions play a similar role in our relationship with God that they do in our other relationships. For example, if we feel angry with someone we love, we still choose to serve them because our relationship is not based on feelings. Sometimes we might feel distant from another person, but because they are our friend or spouse we do not abandon them just because of our feelings. Feelings add value to relationships, but they do not define them.

In the same way, the emotions we experience when in God’s presence do not define the relationship. Our relationship with God is rooted in the covenant established through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. So worship God with all of your heart and enjoy the emotion of abandoning yourself wholeheartedly to Him! But remember that the relationship is not based on feelings.

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Thank you @SeanO for your response. Really helpful. I see now that God’s Presence cannot be define in some specific way as God have many ways to interact with us. It really sink in me realizing that our relationship with God we’re a covenant in Jesus Christ. Never thought that way. Really appreciate it man. Thanks a lot. God bless you @SeanO

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@wegananda Glad it was helpful wiwegananda :slight_smile: May the Lord Jesus give you a spirit of wisdom and revelation in knowledge of Him as you seek His face.