Music and making one well

Hello all. I am looking for edification on the context of 1 Samuel 16:16, particularly the word [well] and its meaning. As a musician myself, having played alongside hospice patients, I’ve found the benefits of soothing music far exceed the “happy clappy” variety that Ravi has described.

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Homer Jerry Heffington
2 Co.1:3-5

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Hebrew: טוב
Transliteration: ţôb
Pronunciation: tobe
Definition: A primitive {root} to be (transitively do or make ) good (or well ) in the widest sense: - be (do) {better} {cheer} be ({do} seem) {good} ({make}) {goodly} X {please} ({be} {do} {go} play) well.
KJV Usage: …well (10x), good (9x), please (6x), goodly (2x), better (2x), cheer (1x), comely (1x), do (1x), pleased (with H5869) (1x).
Occurs: 33
In verses: 33
Strongs definition.
Saul did not need exciting music his spirit was already troubled. I am not a musician but all genres have intense aspects. In context Saul needed soothing, calming. Peaceful music to relax not excite.

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So good to hear you again Homer are you enjoying this forum?

Hello Mike and yes, I enjoy the diversity with one common element, that being liberty in Christ. The walls of anti-intellectualism are crumbling, thanks to solid apologetics, bearing each other up in authenticating God’s word through practical applications. This forum connects head to heart.

Oddly enough to a secularist, but not so odd to me, the message at church today was from John 5:1-6 which continued my edification. In verse 6 the question was posed by Christ to the lame man… Do you want to be made well? (NASB)

Knowledge is coming upon me through various channels, both through reading and wise counsel.

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Most modern translations use the word well but KJV used the word whole
Greek: ὑγιής
Transliteration: hugiēs
Pronunciation: hoog-ee-ace’
Definition: From the base of G837 ; healthy that is well (in body); figuratively true (in doctrine): - sound whole.
KJV Usage: whole (13x), sound (1x).
Occurs: 14
In verses: 14
Thought you might find that interesting. What instrument do you play?

Thank you Mike for the expanded usage. I am gifted with playing guitar and banjo, sometimes attempting the fiddle. My hands don’t quite manage the bar chords as once did, but open tunings help mitigate that problem.

Hi @Jer,

Great question. Just to be clear with your answer: the music being played here is by David with a harp. So we can kinda guess the type of music therapy Saul is getting.

With that said however, I also want to be careful with the fact that this text is descriptive not prescriptive. It is a recounting of what took place, not a teaching what kind of music should be played for one’s wellbeing.

In terms of genre of music, the Bible respect both, in your own words, the soothing and happy-clappy music. In 2 Sam 6:14, David was “dancing before the Lord”. I’m sure David is dancing to a music / groove / tune (I’m not a musician, forgive me), and it’s hard to imagine dancing “with all his might” to a soothing music.

And of course, the Lord also respect one’s preference of music and opinion on its benefit. I think every form of music has their artistic beauty we can all enjoy, as well their benefit to different situations too.

Thank you Jer for your music service and ministry to hospice patients, the world is definitely a better place, with musicians such as yourself. I can’t imagine the bland reality without music. May the Lord be glorified always through your music.


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