Music during prayer

(Sagayanathan) #1

Why do churches play music while pastor or anyone praying? How does this work?

(SeanO) #2

@sag0612 What is it about music during prayer that surprises you? Are you concerned about it being a distraction? Or are you concerned about its emotional impact on those who are listening?

Music can move our hearts to worship and adoration - which is the first part of prayer in the classic ACTS.


The music can help our hearts remain in a posture of worship and adoration as we pray to the Lord.

(Sagayanathan) #3

Thank you Sean0. There are two things that surprises me. Which you precisely pointed out.

  1. It is a distraction as sometimes one cannot hear other praying. This could result in not following and joining hands with the one who is praying.

  2. Music elevates crowd emotion which may not be the prayer and meditation that is elvating emotion.

Kindly throw some light here.

(SeanO) #4

@sag0612 No problem, my personal thoughts are:

  1. While music is a distraction for some people, it helps other people focus. Personally, music helps me focus. That is why I think times of silent prayer are good to - just like everyone has their own music heart language - some relate better to hymns and others to modern worship music - everyone has a prayer heart language. Some pray best out in nature, some with music and some with silence.

  2. While music does generate emotion, that is not necessarily bad. What is the purpose of preaching? To stir our hearts to gaze upon Christ - preaching uses illustrations and stories, which also generate emotion. Emotion is not bad. But we should lead our emotions with the truth. Good worship music is rooted in the truth of Jesus and therefore leads our emotions also to worship.