Muslim Mysticism

(David Vermaak) #1

Hi guys,

I had a Muslim lady join us in our “RZIM Understanding & Answering Islam” series that we doing at our church last night.

She has been attending our church service for about a month and is very sweet etc.

I’ve noticed that she has maybe more a pluralism bend to her faith in the sense that she’s happy if we talk about God and loves our worship/sermon etc. and is involved with various people from other religions and believes they all about God.

She spoke up about how parts of the Qur’an etc. from the RZIM conference videos were incorrectly referenced and went on for sometime about various aspects of the Muslims beliefs.

I started questioning her about the Qur’an as an authoritative document from God (Allah) and how there seems to be misalignment between Islam being a religion of peace and the actions of Muhammad.

She said that there was nothing in Qur’an that spoke about Muhammad about being violent and also that the Qur’an was a reference point but not authoritative as God is in everything and speaks to us all through everything to give us his truth.

So I tried to nail down the fact that how do we know what’s truth based on each individuals own perspective on what they feel Allah has spoken to them etc.

It was very hard to try and get her into a ‘corner’ so to speak, to actually start addressing things that seemed to be incongruent because of the fact that the Qur’an was not their complete source of reference.

There seemed to be a hint of mysticism etc. so the lines were very blurry and I couldn’t find a specific point to address.

Wanted to know what some of your experience with this has been and if you’ve picked up any of this mysticism in Islam conversations before and how you dealt with it.



(Jimmy Sellers) #2

I took a class on Understanding the Quran. Your comments about feeling that this lady had a hint of mysticism about her brought to my mind Sufism. One of the resources that was used for this part of the study came to mind. I have included a link.

Note this is not a Sufi site but an example of Islamic mysticism.

Here is a short video.

And here is a link to a great site if you have question about Islam.

Hope this helpful.

(David Vermaak) #3

Thank you very much @Jimmy_Sellers, I really appreciate your thoughtful answer and the awesome resources provided!

(Jimmy Sellers) #4

You are welcome. If you are interested here is another resource here is the link.

This was a very informative class. It was a little dry and the platform lacked the ability to interact with classmates easily. RZIM does this better that another online platform that I am aware of.

(David Vermaak) #5

Appreciate it, thanks brother!

(Tiago de Carvalho) #6

Dear @David_Vermaak,


Concerning mysticism, the Sufi sect, I’m not that familiar with. Although I meet one once. Personally I’m living and working with one of the 2 major sects of Islam, Sunni or Shia.

I learned all about Islam from ex-muslims, the ones who gave their lifes for Christ. If you want to understand more about it, in order to better engage in a polite conversation, I can recommend the ex-colleague of Mr. Zacharias, Nabeel Qureshi:

then his friend Dr. David Wood (Acts17Apologetics):

And finally a ex-muslim born, raised and educated in Saudi Arabia, Mr. Al Fadi:

And his youtube channel also.

Of course feel free to check,

Those are best resources I encountered and personally recommend.
See their videos / playlists, and the persons they have discussions with, share with your muslim friends. Understand them, be polite and confident, ask the LORD for wisdom, pray for them.

Although we might have great knowledge on this subject, I don’t like to be smart. Always rely on God, be humble, and intelligent the way you engage a muslim. I personally don’t like debates.

I really liked the way Mr. Qureshi and Mr. Fadi taught us, from non-muslim background, on how to approach a muslim. Please have a look at them, and share with your muslim friends.

Blessings to all, in Jesus name. Amen.

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(LaTricia January) #7

I would engage her more on her - asking her to explain what she believes personally and what other traditions/religions she has studied or incorporated into her personal practice/spiritual belief system. There can be a mystical element to Isalm even among the Orthodox. The folks how were guiding me in Islam several years ago weren’t Sufi, but still had a touch of mysticism about their way/beliefs/practices though they identified as Orthodox. So, I would just talk to her in a manner that would allow her to open up about herself and her personal worldview at this point. I would also give her room to ‘teach’ about the Qur’an in an effort to keep an ongoing exchange happening. I believe that will help keep her defenses down and allow you to see her more clearly.

(David Vermaak) #8

Wow! @TC85, this is some incredibly rich resources, thank you very very much!!

(David Vermaak) #9

Thank you very much @LaTricia_January, very good advice, appreciate it!

(LaTricia January) #10

@David_Vermaak you’re welcome, and please keep us posted on how things go over time.

(David Vermaak) #11

I’ll do that, thanks @LaTricia_January