Muslim Woman Comes to Christ UK

Dear Brothers and Sisters

I am an ex muslim and Ravi provided me with endless resources on line to strengthen my knowledge and faith. I always felt it was important to defend my faith with robust arguments and Ravi has always provided sound arguments underpinned by unshakable biblical doctrine. I looked to ravi as a father figure, he understands the cultural barriers between the west and east and helps ex muslims like me navigate that fine line of being both culturally and emotionally homeless.

I have lived in fear for many years, it is only now i have succumbed to my calling from God and put my face on you Tube to share my testimony and allow Christ to use me for His plans and purposes. I recently completed an apologetics course and loved it!

Here is my testimony, I hope it blesses you and you share the good news far and wide!

Thank you Ravi for your ministry and inspiration! My dream was to meet you and hug you, to say thankyou - i hope this message reaches you. God bless you, good and faithful servant of Christ, a beacon of what Christ is able to do when you commit your life in obedience to HIM!

May jesus bless you all and keep you safe


It is good to hear your testimony God really is doing something in the Muslim Community through dreams and other ways like simply loving them I had former Muslim who is now a pastor tell to love them when I ask him how to reach out to them.

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Thank you so much for sharing this insightful testimony :pray:t3: God bless you a keep you safe as you continue to share your faith in Christ :heart:
Take care

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