My ethical dilemma

(Isaiah J. Armstrong) #1

Well last month I ordered a used book from amazon. This book:

This is the newly updated second edition. I ordered a used first edition not knowing that there was an update, especially since it’s cheaper (but by a very little bit). Normally I would send it back and exchange the used old edition for the cheap new edition. Easy right? Not so. Since I bought it used, the company I bought it from turned out to be a nonprofit book shop. Here is the statement I got at the bottom of my order paper:

Not only that, but I also emailed them a thank you saying how happy I was with the product. They were glad I supported them. I feel so guilty. The new edition is cheaper with THREE new chapters. The old edition is used (not in the greatest condition) and more expensive. But I helped a nonprofit. Am I being selfish for even considering returning this? I feel like it. Should I get over my greed and just be glad I supported youth in need? Please help me work this out.

(Isaiah J. Armstrong) #2

By the way the new edition was only made available AFTER I ordered the old edition.

(Matt Western) #3

Hi Isaiah,
unless you are on a very tight budget, perhaps just buy the second edition as well, and donate the first edition to a church library for others to enjoy?

You enjoy the second edition, others enjoy your donated first edition, you support the youth charity. You’ve killed three birds with one stone; not bad considering most people like to try to kill two birds with one stone!. Hehe. :slight_smile:

either way, don’t worry about it too much, maybe just keep it simple and don’t overthink it either way?
Cheers, and God bless!. Hope you enjoy the book…

(Isaiah J. Armstrong) #4

That’s a good idea @matthew.western
Thank you for the great suggestion. I’ll really contemplate that idea.

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(Matt Western) #5

that’s ok, hopefully a just helpful suggestion from a practical point of view.

it is good to see growth in our own lives, maybe recognising the temptation for something (greed?) and choosing something better instead. we do have liberty in Christ to make these decisions and sometimes just go with it.

i think from a practical point of view sometimes it’s just buyers remorse as well, hehe :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
for example; I thought a long time about buying a replacement car, and even after thinking about it for a number of months regretted some aspects of my decision, but have to just think ‘well, I made a decision based on all the information I had at that time, so it it what it is’. I’m sure many emotions came into play as I tried to decide what car to buy, ‘looking cool’ (pride), cost (greed or perhaps desire for good stewardship), functionality etc etc… at the end of the day, we have freedom in Christ to just go with a decision and then rest in it…

anyway, just some thoughts, hopefully somewhat helpful… :slight_smile: