My Introduction: Mary


I’m from the Greater Toronto Area in Canada. I came to Connect to continue to read and engage in conversations to affirm and expand on my beliefs as a Christian. I don’t know how to witness to non-Christians but I am keenly interested in apologetics.

Right now, I have questions. So I don’t know what I have to contribute. I still have much to learn.

Thank you


Hi @MaryG!

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Welcome Mary,
So good to see some one from Canada. I have a grandson living there. Look forward to hearing more and hope you find the answers you need for the questions you have? I have heard and read that liberalism is prevalent there. Peace to you through Christ Jesus who gives all we need to stand against the enemy of our soul.


Hi Mary,

Truly a humble intro about yourself.
We all will get there soon on how to witness to non-Christians.
The one thing I thought that we need to witness is a burden towards perishing soul, or a thirst to share the gospel. God will open that divine opportunity, all we need to do is equip ourselves even more, and Apologetics helps us all a lot I believe.
Nice to connect with you.
God bless.


Hi @MaryG, welcome! Thank you for your introduction. We are all learning all the time so I am with you on having much to learn. This is a friendly, helpful community so you can feel free to ask all the questions you want. I trust you will be blessed and also be a blessing :heart:


Hello Mary! Thank you for your kind introduction. My name is Matthew and while I am a native of Arkansas, my wife and I reside in Florida. I have recently enrolled in the Core Module and it begins today. I am so excited to soak in our Gods Truth and see what he does through our ministries. I have questions about the time of day that coursework is loaded into the learning portal. If you could help with some advice it would be greatly appreciated. Again, what a blessing to share the knowledge of truth with you all, I look forward to learning further together.

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Thank you Joshua!

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Hi Mike,

Thank you for your kind words. Yes, Liberalism is quite prevalent here, sadly. I could share stories. Even our immigration policy favours non-Christians. Everything must be tolerated and accepted except for traditional Christian values. Attacks of Christianity are the norm. It’s disheartening but encourages me all the more to stand up for Truth.

Have a wonderful day!


Thank you for your encouragement Robert. I am here to become better equipped to share the Truth. I am not great at handling tough questions but hope to get better.
Have a wonderful day!

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Hi Sieglinde,

Thank you for your welcome!

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Thank you so much for your reply. I am in WV USA traditionaly called the bible belt. That battle has been going on for a while in many places but some more than others. The old school thought is if you cant beat them kill them and what they believe. We need to pray that the slumbering giant called Christianity will wake up put on His armor and take back what the enemy stole. We must pray for boldness.
Be strong soldier


Hi Mary, you are very welcome. Jonathan

HI Mary
My name is Jason and I’m just north of you in Barrie. Welcome on our digital journey together. May I give you a few pointers on evangelism?

  1. Be lead by the Holy Spirit
  2. Be knowledgeable about your faith and the worldview of others
  3. Look for the opportunity when the door is even slightly open. This could happen is all sorts of “circumstances.”
  4. You don’t have to know everything. If you don’t have an answer, get back to them later.
  5. Have good relations with people and let them see you care - they will be more receptive.
  6. Be able to disarm people by opening up their assumptions within their worldview. Jesus did this all the time and it takes practice.
  7. People are people and not targets. Don’t look at an argument to win but a person to impact in the direction of God.
  8. Discouragement is sometimes a close neighbour after you witness. Ignore it and entrust your encounter to our Sovereign King.
  9. Have illustrations/stories you can use to really bring a key point home. Use every day real life examples we can relate to. It’s like when Jesus used parables.
  10. Always let your listener feel respected and dignified. They are human.
  11. Never come across as self-righteous. That’s great for building walls, not bridges.
  12. Somewhere in your walk with them, if possible because it isn’t always, show or make them feel loved.
  13. Know when to close off a discussion. Experience will help.
  14. Try to bring in the CROSS and the RESURRECTION somewhere. It may not always happen but keep that in mind. Be able to share that with impact, as best as you can.
  15. Always be sensitive to your listener and what they are really trying to say if they have questions. And this is where we are all at in our journey with apologetics.
    Hope this helps and I would love to continue discussing more.

Hi @Mary welcome to Connect, I’m a new member myself :grin:

@jrarourke thank you so much for sharing, I have had a discussion with a muslim friend before, your pointers would really helps answering my questions that i posted about sharing Jesus with muslims.

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