My Introduction

(Zeus Rosales) #1

Greetings, My real Name is Zeus Rosales, but rather I pefer my middle name Alexander, I have joined the RZIM connect due to my interest into apologetics in order to help reach the lost, and to explain the christian faith against objections, for God does not need defending, but people need help understanding the beauty of the Gospel and the free gift of salvation given to us by the father through Jesus Christ, I have listened to Dr Ravi Zacharias for 6 months, and was quickly astonished in how he explained the faith with clarity, I never knew the concept of Christian Apologetics untill I began to look into the RZIM.

(Daren L McClellan) #2

Welcome Alexander. Agreeing with you, I use apologetics to remove barriers from people see God. There are many of those who can not see a loving God because of evil, can not see a faithful God because oh disappointment. Often too, the are not see God for who he really is, but portray a marred view of God.

(Stephen Wuest) #3

Welcome Alexander.

It’s good to see a Christian who is interested in apologetics. Our modern cultures have a desperate need to be healed by God. But modern Christians have never learned many of the historic ways to explain the faith.

Stephen Wuest

(Titus Chereches) #4

Welcome, Alexander!

May God strengthen you and equip you with all the knowledge and love needed to be a great defender of Christianity!