My name is David

(David) #1

Hi, My name is David

I live in Atlanta, Ga.

I am passionate about apologetics and theology and have heard Raavi speak many times. I see this as being a valuable resource in learning more and contributing my knowledge.

I hope to comment on areas where I can help move discussions towards rational and objective biblical understanding

(Olivia Davis) #2

Hi David! Welcome to Connect! I look forward to seeing you comments on future posts - we always need someone who is really passionate about apologetics and theology!

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(Melvin Greene) #3

Glad you’re here, @dacrockett. You have joined a community that is full of people just like you, passionate about theology and apologetics. I hope you will be blessed and I look forward to your contributions.

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(Billie Corbett) #4

Welcome David.

(Tabitha Gallman) #5

Hello @dacrockett. It’s good to have you here. I’m from Georgia as well. Yes, this community has been a valuable resource for me in learning indeed. :slightly_smiling_face: