My name is Gary

Hi everyone, Thank you for having me. I have been a Christian for 48 years & thirsty for more of God since the very beginning. I have been a classic Pentecostal for 46 years. If you are a born again Christian you are my brother/sister in the Lord. Let us learn & grow together.


welcome Pilgrim Gary. How goes the progress?


Hi Honeybadger, Progress has been an experience for sure. If I had more time & a greater ability to be a critical thinker maybe I could have been further along. I didn’t know Ravi Zacharias or anything about RZIM until a couple months ago. I would like to take some of the courses because I think that would help me find ways to communicate with others of differing worldviews.


@pilgrim2 I am currently in Week 6 or the Science course. It is really helping me. Yesterday I interviewed a good friend who is a gay sports scientist. It was an awesome time!


I bought their book Jesus among secular gods. it think its called. it went over the 7??? forms or 5 forms of atheism scienteism humanism materialism hedonism. that was interesting.
i think i’ve exhausted the list of lectures and my favorite is michael ramsden.
it seems many lectures say the same things so after 6 months i kind of heard all they have to say. and think maybe they have to pull a lot of punches on public lectures to be careful. it is literally illegal here in canada to preach the bible completely. you can be charged with discrimination if you preach romans 1 etc.
I also hugely love listening to Ray comfort the greatest evangelist alive today.
the only prophet i know that died recently Art Katz. he has hundreds of sermonsaudioindex.
and my favorite preacher whom i don’t go a day without reminding myself with at least one of his sermons is Francis Anfuso. there is no other more mature and wise and spirit filled bible believing authority lived out, charismatic also and repentance preacher than francis anfuso. 105 sermons at rock of roseville app. listen, past sermons, francis anfuso.
next favorite preacher is Tim Keller.