My name is Kranti

Howdy, Im from Incredible India, RCCA 29th Batch, joined a bit late but I’m happy to be part of this community. Im looking forward to interesting questions and thought provoking answers & also hope to share few things I’ve learnt in my walk with Christ my Savior in the school of Faith.


@Kranti_Tejan Nice to meet you!

You too, Jonathan!

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Welcome to Connect Kranti! We are pleased to have you join us. The more the merrier in this forum I say! :smile: The beautiful thing about this community is, not only the loving manner everyone responds with, but also the variety of perspectives there are. I hope you enjoy the conversations and learn much and can contribute with your valuable insight whenever you are able! :blush:

Thank you for the warm welcome Carrie! Yep, sure will!

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Hello Kranti, so glad you joined look forward to many conersations. Perhaps you could share your experience in Christ and how He impacted your life. Blessings to you as you move forwsrd.