My Name is Myriam (Mizi)

Hello everyone,
I am from Egypt
I am From the Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt.
I heard about Ravi very long time ago and I wished I could have met him! But God had other plans. We’ll meet, in Heaven if God wills.

I am excited to read more and maybe study more here.

Looking forward.


Welcome @myriam.a. So glad you are here. Amen to what you said. Looking forward to chatting with you. Feel at home.

God Bless You.


Welcome @myriam.a, it’s wonderful to have you here :slightly_smiling_face: I trust you will enjoy browsing through the conversations. We would love to hear your thoughts and insight as you feel led to share :pray:t3:
Take care


Welcome to connect @myriam.a. Thank you for being here. It is a blessing to have you join us. Please do explore at your leisure. Using the search icon :mag: above will enable you to search the forum based on key words. Enjoy the search. God-bless you and your journey.