My Question: Abortion and Gun Legalization.Are they similar issues?

Hi everyone,

Some Christians think that those who are against abortion because of the sacredness of life should equally also be against legalization of guns.
Are these two issues similar ? Or if different how do you share with a brother or sister who feels that the two are similar and so a Christian cannot claim to be against abortion without also supporting laws that would stop private persons from owning guns…
Thanks for your help


Morally I think these are two completely different things. One is the act of taking a life. The other is an inanimate object. I would love to expound upon each of these. But I will need to circle back to them.

But at a very basic and simple level, they are not similar arguments at all.

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Thank you Nicholas and looking forward to when you circle back

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Allow me to expand upon my last answer.

Abortion in and of itself is the act of ending an innocent life.
Owning a firearm is neither moral or immoral. It is an inanimate object. I would like to hear the argument for why owning a firearm is inherently immoral. My guess would be that it has to do with the purpose or potential use of a firearm to take a life. Which I would argue the same could be said about knives, or cars, or baseball bats, or hammers, and in the case of Cain and Able… a rock.

Under that logic, I think one could even make the argument that since a suction device is used in the procedure of most abortions one should not own a vacuum. Yes that sounds a bit tongue in cheek but I think it is faulty logic.

I would also assert that the purpose of owning a firearm is actually the opposite of an abortion. While abortion is used to end an innocent life. A firearm often is used to preserve and protect innocent life. Yes great harm and evil can be done with a firearm. But look at Drunk Driving. Drunk Driving has taken many innocent lives. But, drinking is still legal… owning a car is still legal. It is the act of driving while drunk that is illegal. And so the act of using a firearm to commit murder is illegal.

Also laws are different in each country when it comes to the private ownership of firearms. So I know we are called to follow the laws of the land. And if you live in a country where it is illegal for you to own a firearm… and you illegal purchase a firearm, then I think at that point you are potentially crossing a moral line.

I hope this helps. I love talking about this topic.

And for just a quick background. I am an American. I grew up using firearms. I own firearms. I am a hunter. I was in the Army. I know firearms well.

Grace and Peace,
Nicholas Suddarth


Thanks so much Nicholas for pointing out an issue with the logic or possibly the premise on which these issues are being viewed…


My Pleasure. And if you have any other questions regarding this or firearms please feel free to ask. Thank you!

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It’s interesting the way you phrased the question with “gun legalization”. I’m not sure where you live but in the US that phrase raises some red flags (at least for me). The US constitution is based on the premise that we have God-given rights that precede government, the right to bear arms included, meaning the government exists to protect those rights not invade them. So “gun legalization” sounds funny because you can’t “legalize” a God-given right because the government had no right to make it illegal in the first place. And the idea of the right to bear arms in the US is to allow the citizens to protect themselves against a tyrannical government. In my view, this is to preserve freedom and the rights (and life) of the individual from tyranny. So while guns can be used to take a life, the idea of the right to bear arms is rooted in the idea of protecting against tyranny. The motivation behind abortion is entirely different though. Also, owning a gun doesn’t actively take a life while abortion does.


Dear Robert,

Thanks for that clarification. I don’t live in the USA, I was trying to frame the question in the context of a discussion with others who live in the US. Thanks for sharing about the constitution - it made me see why the term I used could be problematic when referring to US context. Indeed, considering the matter in respect to the constitution sheds more light on the isues that could arise with arguements that imply that the right to bear arms is the same thing as the right to abortion.
I am not in the US but I was curious to know the reasons some Christians hold that these two things are similar…
Many thanks