My Question About The Interview

Here’s my question…Where do I find the worldview interview questionnaire? I did not complete the core module,


I haven’t even started the core module but am interested in finding out where the questionnaire is.


Hi Charlene and Raynah!

Excited that y’all are interested in this interview assignment!

There is no formal questionnaire in hopes that the interview will flow like a normal conversation.

However, that being said, Ravi puts forth four categories which aid in understanding a worldview.
-Origin: where did we come from?
-Meaning: why are we here?
-Morality: how should we act?
-Destiny: where are we going?

By the end of your interview/coffee hangout/conversation you should be able to summarize your friend’s beliefs in each of these four areas.

It might help to have one lead question prepared and one clarifying question per category but otherwise, let the conversation happen naturally. If there is something you’re curious about, ask it! The primary focus of the exercise is to develop listening skills and to hear the questioner behind the question rather than formulate a response to everything or to argue your case.

This exercise has helped me so much in learning to love those in my sphere and to see them as Jesus does. It’s humbled me, given me compassion, and led me to seek Jesus more. Hopefully it will do the same for you!

Praying right now for your conversations! May the Lord guide you and show you who to engage with. May He give you not only listening ears but also a listening heart. And may more people be drawn to Jesus in this whole process!


Hi Charlene and Raynah, great questions! In addition to Rebekah’s helpful reply, please see the latest post in the original thread (The Behind Every Question Initiative) for help crafting your interview. Thanks!


Hi Charlene, God bless you for the beautiful heart you have to engage with others and join in the challenge to grow in our understanding and compassion for those with differing world views. So glad to meet you and hope you will enjoy great success along the journey.



I was wondering the same thing, Thanks @RebekahD and @Brian_Weeks for the helpful resources!


Thanks @RebekahD!