My Question: Are transcriptions available of YouTube videos

Hi everyone,
As I come across YouTube videos of RZIM speakers (at various locations) I’m often wanting a transcriptions to help me take notes. Does RZIM provide transcriptions, or work with the organization/institution where the even occurs, to provide transcriptions? If so, how can I find those?

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Hi @mckenna,

Unfortunately, transcripts are not available for RZIM messages at this time. Sorry! However, we’ll pass on your feedback for consideration in the future. Let us know if you have any other questions.

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(don’t forget that youtube auto-creates transcripts for videos that it can). I use this all the time when wanting to search inside a previous video I’ve watched for a particular part of the discussion.

Click the three dots, then open transcript.


then click the three dots under transcript to turn off time-stamps:

then you can copy and paste to parse this transcript through a free line feed removal tool to create a full block of text for separating into paragraphs etc. (

hope that helps… :slight_smile:


That does help, thank you! I didn’t realize that option was available for some YouTube content.