My Question: Bible is supporting FLAT EARTH SOCIETY?

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Hi everyone,i know this sounds silly but i just remember a phrase in revelation when Jesus come to earth for the second time, every corner of the earth can see him come from the clouds. Why is this possible ?? I just cant imagine if this possible if flat is round

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Continents have corners, don’t they?

I suspect that the phrase was meant to be taken more figuratively than literally. The idea of a spherical earth was centuries-old by this point and well-accepted by the Greeks, as well as most (though not all) early Christian scholars; the biblical authors would have certainly been aware of the concept. “Corners” (gōnía) probably was meant to refer to the extreme regions of the land (gē, which denotes dry land, not the whole planet).

As with many statements in the Bible (and especially Revelation), the phrase should be interpreted symbolically, not necessarily as a literal description of the nature of the earth.

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One other consideration: In both cases where the phrase is used, the symbology is obvious. In Revelation 7, the phrase is found in the context of 12,000 people from each of the the twelve tribes of Israel being sealed as servants of God. Here, 12,000 is not literal, but symbolic for an absolutely complete accounting (12x10x10x10), and the phrase “four corners” is meant to reinforce the idea (every person in every part of the world is accounted for). In Revelation 20, the phrase is used to describe Satan going throughout the whole earth to deceive the nations and gather them for a final battle against God. Again, the idea is that he is being thorough in his efforts, not neglecting any part whatsoever.

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thanks. great answer

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