My Question: Bible plan

Hi everyone,
Any suggestion for a bible plan for this year?


@mireillewassef Hi!

Here are some from Ligonier Ministries.

Personally, I am planning on doing the “5 Day Bible Reading Program”.


Hello Mireille
We’re doing a 2 year plan in chronological order.
All the best with your Bible reading.
God bless


@mireillewassef I’m really glad you’re looking to for a plan to read! While there’s tons of plans and different focuses of each study, I’d like to suggest the “Read Scripture” App. It’s created by Francis Chan’s ministry, Crazy Love Ministries. The plan is roughly 10-15 mins of reading each day and you end up finishing the Bible in about 355 sessions. Plus, the best part is that they’ve teamed up with the Bible Project - you know the group that makes the great overview videos that are used in many churches. And, a really nice feature, at least for me, is that you can set alerts on your device to make sure you read each day. I highly recommend it if you are wanting to do the Bible in a year or don’t quite have something specific in mind :smiley:


I love to read chronologically through the Youversion app.


A personal favorite of mine is the Read Scripture App.
Gives great videos for understanding the word and themes presented in the Bible while also giving reading to complete each day.


Will give it a try

I definitely agree @boabbott. I love the incorporation of videos that the Bible Project has produced. I would generally follow this plan, but listen to scripture on either the YouVersion app or Reading of Scripture app.

I’m presently doing a 90-day challenge, mixing reading and listening each day. Rather than capturing every question or thought, I am trying to focus on just a few themes throughout the Bible, and a few key thoughts/questions or “ah-ha!” moments each day.

@mireillewassef, all the best in your reading plan, the Lord will surely use it to transform you into the image of our glorious Saviour. Remember consistency is key, and if you miss a day, don’t beat yourself up, just get back to it straight away. :slight_smile:


I actually do more study of the word than just reading it through. Certain word studies and the like. I still have my time where I read through books of the Bible, but I don’t really go by a strict plan of reading X amount to get through the Bible in Y time. Right now I am reading through Exodus.

Hello, while you’re at it why not try the Message. Makes Bible reading simple. I’ve been able to get more out my Bible reading that way.

Yes @islander good idea. A while ago i bought a bible with 4 translations running in parallel an done of them is the message. I’ll definitely try to read it a bit more.
I also found that the first time I read through the entire bible chronologically, I couldn’t retain much. The second time through the Holy Spirit began to point out more things and I recognized a lot of passages. This 3rd time through I can’t seem to stop making notes because a whole lot more is grabbing my attention- My preference is also for a hard copy of the Bible so I can feel and shade and scribble things in.
Be blessed by this video of a teen bible enthusiast :slightly_smiling_face: