My Question: Chistianity and Socialism

Hi everyone,

I have a question about the church’s action regarding socialism. What can the church do about that movement in different parts of the world? How can we respond when people say that Christianity is related to socialism?
I think it’s very subtle and we don’t know how to respond.

Thanks to everyone, God bless

Hi Rebeca,
I live in Canada. Many of our social programs were brought in by Tommy Douglas who was a Baptist minister.
We have many social programs such as universal health care, pensions, social assistance, public housing, a universal child care benefit. Some provinces in Canada have more social benefits than other provinces.
Churches here provide assistance as well such as a benevolent fund to needy families, and supporting various charities. But churches would not be overwhelmed by the needs of their communities if it were not for our social programs.
Still, we have a great need for more social services. We have way too many families going hungry and/or homeless or trying to cope with a handicapped or mentally ill member of the family for which they have very little help.
Many verses in the New Testament tell us to take care of a brother we see in need and to provide care not just to our friends and family. I often pray for Jesus to return soon because there is so many people with so much need that is not met.
So I think Christians are called to be involved in bringing in social programs. Of course we have to be thoughtful about it and balanced. I have seen some church workers who pride themselves in being champions of social programs but have little interest in knowing God.