My Question: christian eschatology

Hi everyone, what does Christian eschatology mean?

Hi Cherry
The definition of the word Eschatology is 1 : a branch of theology concerned with the final events in the history of the world or of humankind . 2 : a belief concerning death, the end of the world, or the ultimate destiny of humankind specifically : any of various Christian doctrines concerning the Second Coming, the resurrection of the dead, or the Last Judgment .

Basically Christian Eschatology refers to the various beliefs concerning the End Times that include the Tribulation, 2nd Coming of Jesus, The Millennium, and the New Earth. All the views are centered around The Millennium which is the 1000 year reign of Jesus after the Tribulation as spoken of in Revelation.

Essentially there are 2 main views of Eschatology and both views have significant Scriptural Support. These views are

  1. Premillennial 2nd Coming of Jesus and Rapture of the Saints
  2. Postmillennial 2nd Coming of Jesus and Rapture of the Saints.

Both views have subsets such as in Premillennial 2nd Coming there are those who believe the Saints will be raptured before the Tribulation and those that believe the Saints will be raptured after the Tribulation.

Postmillennialism believes that the Rapture will not occur until after the Millennium. Postmillennialism has a subset that is called Amillennialism which believes the Tribulation has occurred and that we are currently in the Millennium and they spiritualize the Millennium and thus do not take it to be a literal 1000 years

All this said there are some things that all the positions agree on:

  1. Jesus is returning
  2. There will be a rapture of the Saints
  3. At the end of the Millennium there will be a great battle between the people of God and the people of Satan. This is the battle of Armageddon which God will win and result in Satan being placed in hell forever.
  4. After the Close of the Millennium the end of the Age will occur and a New Heaven and a New Earth will come into existence

To quote an old Pastor/Teacher of mine: In the end Jesus returns and we win because God wins and then all things are made new. All the discussion is about the timing and order of these things. It is not about whether these things will happen.

Hope this helps.
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Thank you so much Dan. My understanding has been enlightened

My Pleasure Sorry it was so long an answer