My Question: concerning hell

(Ruth Marie Romero) #22

Thank you Chad. I think I will start a topic on Jewish thought!

(chris john) #23

Thanks Jsamaho, in the case of the parable of the talent, which i believe is a unit of measurement so an amount of money, i have heard some say the talents can be likened to gifts or talents as this word is also used, recently I have been seeking to know what mines are and to use them. I do not want to be like the one who hid his talent. I dont know what mines are but i must have i hope :slightly_smiling_face:. thank you for the post.

(Mashinkah Bahston) #24

Interesting ideas. God is merciful and holy. Calls us daily to Him. Makes us His witnesses. Calls us to pray without ceasing for others and ourselves. To be submissive to the Spirit of the LIVING GOD. The question remains, What is eternal damnation? Noah and his family were saved on a boat. God’s plan out of a depraved world. Jesus/Yeshua comes as a vulnerable baby, lamb of God. Then after healing, delivering, providing, dying, paying for sins as the perfect Atonement, takes the keys of life and death, and comes back to earth, teaches, and then ascends back to Heaven. Jesus told us that we were are born physically once, but need to be born again in Him to see the kingdom. He doesn’t tell us what happens in Hell to those who rejected His free gift of grace and life? But He does tell us that now is the time. He tells us without blood there is no forgiveness. And rejecting LIFE is something that can last for an eternity, alone. I am out of answers. Isa.40. Gods knowledge is infinite. Rest in Him.