My Question: Daily devotion time

(Titus Chereches) #1

Hi everyone,

I am very curious about how you structure your daily devotion time.

  • How do you structure the items? How much time / each item?

  • When do you prefer having it? AM/PM? :slight_smile:

(Matt Western) #2

Hi Titus,
that’s a great question.
I enjoy listening to a podcast during my morning drive to work as it’s about 45 minutes. I like ’ RZIM - let my people think, Tim Makie ‘Exploring my strange bible’, ‘the bible project’ and Andy stanley plus a few others is enough for 5 days to work. I’m a bit of a morning person so my best attention and learning new things time is morning for me, and listening on the way to work helps me have perspective for the day so if work seems less stressful because I’ve started out my day thinking about how big God is, and how small my little problems are in comparison to Him. One thing that really has helped me in the last couple of years to stop me getting annoyed at insignificant things or how people act in ways that cause me stress is to stop and remember that each and every person is made in God’s image and I think ‘will this problem really be that important in 6 months time, or even does what I’m getting stressed about really matter in the scheme of a lifetime’ - generally the answer is no, and I can try and help them with things (I work in IT support so i’m always getting complaints or requests endlessly and probably not much appreciation :slight_smile: )

I like to just read scripture in the evening or maybe something light as part of my general night time routine, because I’m tired and prefer to just rest in promises of God. :slight_smile:

i have tried in the past to have a strict routine when I was younger, and get through certain number of chapters and read the bible in a year and never had the will power to do it to the end. I do enjoy the ‘Read Scripture’ app from theBibleProject on the iPad as I can keep working through it without pressure of having to do 4 chapters a day to get the Bible finished in one year. Now i’m more relaxed and don’t feel like i have to achieve anything as such - kind of resting in God’s care and unconditional love I guess.

I have periods where I want to learn a huge amount of new things - and read a decent heavy apologetics book - and then I have rest periods where I need time to process what I’ve read for a few weeks to a month. I also have, like everybody, somewhat dry periods spiritually, where reading the Bible seems difficult and other things crowd in - sometimes I read a Christian biography during these periods which can help encouraging to hear of others stories as well…

What about you - are you a morning person or an evening person? :slight_smile: what are you enjoying learning at the moment? :slight_smile: How have you noticed what you are reading in the Bible effecting you in positive ways in ‘real life’? (no need to share deep personal thoughts on the forum if you don’t want to, just general thoughts as you would like to)…

Cheers - greetings from Australia! have a great week ahead.

(Titus Chereches) #3

Thanks a lot Matthew! Great input :slight_smile:

I usually have my time early in the morning (around 5:30 AM), and start with a prayer, in which I thank God for some things and ask Him to fill me up with the Holy Spirit and ask Him to speak to me through the Bible.

Then, I follow a bible reading plan that I’ve started with my local church - Bible in one year. This is the first time going through the whole Bible in one year, as I’ve previously avoided this type of plans (it puts some kind of pressure on me), even though I’ve kept reading my Bible daily. I usually have 2 chapters from the Old Testament, 1 from the New Testament, and from 2 to 2 days, one Psalm/Proverb. I try to understand what I read and see what ideas I can apply to my life.

After reading, I pray again, but this time I have a more “detailed” prayer, which takes longer.

When I don’t have any activities in the evening, I like to consult a New Testament Commentary (by William MacDonald) to gain a deeper insights about what I read in the morning.

The whole morning devotion time takes around 1 hour.

(LaTricia J.) #4

I’m not exactly structured in my daily devotions beyond the fact of having them. I also don’t have a set amount of time dedicated to any aspect of the spiritual disciplines I implement. I pray randomly, except for Wednesday mornings when I have a set time to pray with my prayer partner. I’m in and out of my bible app throughout the day (especially thanks to Connect lol). I find myself contemplating passages I’ve read and questions that come up periodically throughout the day, also. I do studies from the bible app, and participate in studies from the church I attend as well. I do start my day off with listening to one or two of any of faith based podcasts I’m subscribed to. and I usually end the day with one of the bible app devotionals. That’s pretty much it for me.

(Matt Western) #5

Yes same for me. I love RZIM connect because someone says something about a bible passage I’ve never heard before or havnt thought about in that way and I go ‘hang on that doesn’t sound quite right’ and go check it for myself. It has the effect of growing my faith.

(Matt Western) #6

@titusul That’s excellent Thankyou for sharing as an encouragement to us all. 5:30am! I’m not that much of a morning person. :slight_smile:

(Titus Chereches) #7

LaTricia, what podcasts do you listen to?

(LaTricia J.) #8

@titusul I listen to the following primarily faith based podcasts:

  • All things RZIM lol that’s a given
  • Focus on the Family
  • Renewing Your Mind
  • Grace to You
  • Insight for Living
  • Living on the Edge
  • Back to the Bible
  • Fit for the Kingdom (focus on health and wellness as a part of Kingdom work)

Oh, and I forgot to add “Turning Point”. There’s a wonderful series almost at the end on stress.

(Lakshmi Mehta) #9

@titusul, it is inspiring to see your desire to grow in your devotion to the Lord. What you described about how you seek to spend time in morning prayer and focused study when possible is a great place to be! You already have some great responses. I thought I’d share a few small things that I have learnt through experience that I have found helpful.

For much of my Christian walk, my prayer life and secular work life were rather compartmentalized. Though I spent time in prayer in the morning, I found it very difficult in my work environment, to be able to think about God during the day. God used Daniel 6:10 to lead me to reconsider my prayer habits. Daniel had a secular job in the king’s palace yet got down on his knees three times a day and prayed and gave thanks to God. I thought I needed to do something like that. So, I started praying three times a day, even if had only a few minutes. It made a world of difference in creating a hunger for things of God and delight in prayer. The change came as going to prayer three times a day allowed me to recalibrate my thinking and check if I was in God’s will more often. It gave me an opportunity for quick repentance of any unholy attitudes that arose during the day. The more consistent I was in turning to God the more able I was in maintaining a spirit of prayerfulness through the day.

Set times of prayer were helpful but not enough. Understanding prayer as an opportunity to conform to God’s will while depending on God’s grace is what helped prayer time become more meaningful (John 7:17, John 3:21). When I struggle with prayerlessness, faithlessness and joylessness, instead of trying harder to pray, I learned to confess and seek God’s help. Whether it is AM/PM, I just make sure that at least once in a day, I have enough time to pray without feeling rushed, to be able to come to a state of deeper reflection on God and His word and find time for praying different needs. For morning prayer, I am intentional about prioritizing the Bible over other Christian material and let the word of God sink in. I am not particular about the number of chapters I cover but aim more for understanding and application. I too listen to podcasts but usually while driving/ or while doing chores. On less busy days, I may listen/read a Christian book and pursue and study new ideas that arise through the reading.

Your question allowed me to rethink where I need change and thank you for that! Our modern lives are often too busy for God. It is hard to imagine how Jesus and his disciples managed intense hours / days of prayer with fasting and that too corporately! May God maximize your time of devotion and bless you greatly!

(Stephen Wuest) #10

Devotions, are a strange thing. They are an opportunity to give something to God. But the time spent can become a project, or a duty, or something very different than a gift of love, to God.

On days when I feel really beaten up, I may read a Psalm of David, when he is feeling overwhelmed with troubles. For Christians who have not gone through really hard times, just file away this suggestion in your mind.

On days when I need substantial input, I may read a number of chapters, in a book that I am working through. Reading a lot of material, helps me to keep a number of ideas on my mind, throughout the day.

Sometimes I read a passage, and realize that I need to spend a lot more time on a few verses. Feel free to stop, and spend time thinking about a single idea.

I try to keep technical study separate from devotions. If technical study of a passage of Scripture leads devotional contemplation, don’t be afraid to leave off the technical study and spend time talking with God.

Remember that the goal is to build a deep friendship with God, over an entire lifetime. Seek for the presence of God. And listen for what he may be showing you.