My Question: Discipleship Calling

Hi everyone,

As a disciple of Christ, I am aware that my Teacher called me (and all His children) to go and make disciples of all nations in Matt. 28:19 and my question to the forum is this … what are your experiences as a disciple-maker? what are some successes and failures you have experienced in this pursuit of Christlikeness?


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Good question @Parkeri1313 discipleship sure is a blessing that we get to do. I am currently in a season where I am not disciplining anybody apart from my own children.

Here are two positive experiences I have about this topic:

  • When I got saved a man brought me to his house once a week and discipled me over a period of a few months. I remember seeing how the family ate and prayed together were very impactful.

  • I was a youth pastor for 4 years. During this time I had the opportunity to do quite a bit of discipleship. Looking back on that time, I now realize that the time I spent one on one with the boys was, in my opinion much more valuable than the games, worship, and bible studies. If I am ever in this position again, I will focus more on the one to one.

I think the ideal scenario is to have somebody older than you in the faith pouring into you and then for you, in turn, to be pouring into someone else. I am fortunate during this season to have an accountability partner that I meet with once a week who is older in the faith than me. I believe both are important.

My final reflection is that a discipleship curriculum can be very effective. The man who discipled me used a book that went through some passages and had me read books of the Bible. It was very useful to have a well-planned curriculum to follow.

I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts on discipleship and from others.