My Question: Dry times

Hi everyone,

How do you personally cope with dry times in your walk with Christ?

At this point in my life I’ve concluded that times of boredom, waning zeal, and feeling disconnected isn’t always due to some action or inaction on my part. It’s just going to be like that from time to time on this side of eternity. He remains faithful and I can trust Him when my fire seems low.

Your thoughts and experiences would be very appreciated!
Thank you


Hello David, There are many unique people in the world but your question is a universal conundrum for all 8+ billion people in the world? I have been there myself traversing those death valley seasons, that at times lasted longer than I would have liked. On a positive side they are a part of a growing walk with Christ and necessary to step into the next phase of our relationship with Him. We see this all throughout the Bible but simply look at Peters life for a short story of the many seasons he went through? I have often wondered what a man could accomplish if he was like Jesus the same every day. I know I cant but Jesus is the same all the time because he knows the bigger picture. There are times if I could see, that there was only one set of footprints in the sand many, many, times and He is so glad to carry me all those times because His mercy endures forever. This may not make sense to some but dry times for me calls for quiet reflection just setting in His presence all by myself with no distractions, Sometimes get away to a garden or the woods and reflect on that one leaf which sums me up in relation to the universe and how precious I am to Him as the apple of His eye. Don’t rush out of the valley let Him lead you out there can be much to learn to help you weather the next storm. God bless hope you gain much my friend.



Hello Mike,
Beautifully said, I hear your appreciation and experience in that statement!!!

I love that statement because we must learn the lesson and extract all we can while in The Valley. I myself have been in The Valley, which seems like a very long time now, I don’t keep track of time. I thought God had been silent on this ever so dry journey. But behold, I catch myself in thought remember Gods mercy in the ever so exhausting battle, I remember God visiting me in my dream, or He May give me a word in dew season, He even gives me songs in my sleep. God IS there with us in The Valley, we just can’t always remember or see it right away.
I dare everybody reading this statement: look for His goodness while in The Valley and you will find it. He can’t deny His goodness toward His children. We may not always see it right away, but God is present, especially in The Valley.


Hi @Ctimothyz thank you for this question - I think it’s one we would all benefit from considering. I’m taking time to think about this because I’ve certainly had dry times in my walk with God. May I ask, do you feel that God is remaining silent on your prayers, or does his presence feel remote? Is it his silence that is making your prayer and Bible times feel so dry? Or is it that you just aren’t enjoying your quiet times in the first place?


Hello again @ahoyte

I cant give that enough :heart: or AMENS so glad you realize His presence as David did in Psalm 23

God bless and protect



This is an important question.
Dry times come to us all, and I think it’s how we respond to them that matters. Often in the Bible Jesus refers to God’s relationship with the church as a bridegroom coming for a bride. A marriage relationship can work as a good metaphor here, too. Even when you love someone dearly, feelings can come and go. It is the faithfulness that is necessary to make it last, to whether the storms, the overcome, to persist when the feelings are fleeting.
I think God blesses our faithfulness to Him. He knows how we feel, what we are going through, the very chemistry of our body and mental state. It’s on our plate to seek even when it feels like we’re not getting anything from it. “…He who has began the good work in you will carry it on to completion…” (Phil 1:6) he’s still there, even when we’re in a funk. And there’s no sin in just not feeling “it” at the moment. It’s the faithfulness despite our feelings that matter.
I hope these slightly rambling musings help :blush:



Hi @Ctimothyz

Thanks for sharing, just wanted to add a little experience of being in a dry season.

Continuous prayer and listening (meditate) to the word of God will give us more strength to keep moving day by day,
if you are having trouble finding a proper job and going through a lot of financial difficulties, your family may even start to question you or even your friends, you will become so low in life, so dry. because the waiting may take a month, a season or even more. You will even start to question God in so many ways, but the word of God will keep reminding you " Fear not for I am with you".
In a situation like this, God keep reminding us to keep the focus on Him alone, and meditate the word of God all the times, just as He reminded Joshua. (Joshua 1:1-9)
Jesus reminded us to have faith in Him, even in the biggest storm (Luke 8:25)
The word of God will give you comfort to move on.
The beautiful things is you will see yourself stronger spiritually and finally you will see the tear of joy in your eyes, smiling and saying
" Thank you Lord for preparing me, Thank you for being faithful."
Because God have prepared you in a more harder way and answered your prayer, you will even feel it from your heart, when you see with your eyes, “Faith does not make things easy, it makes them possible” Luke 1:37.



@Thailu_Raomai I really appreciated this!
As my family has been praying waiting for ‘ the waters to part’ for us to walk further on a road I know we have been training for, and yet God seems to be saying it’s not the right timing for that yet. So still waiting on this side of the Red Sea, asking God to help us remain faithful in our walk as we wait for him to fill the godly desires of our hearts. Thank you so much, even though in so many ways my flesh cries out for this waiting to be over, so we can move on and have the success we’ve been training for to finally materialize.
That deepening of trust is what this walk is all about!


I can highly recommend the book “God on Mute” by Pete Grieg, which he was led to write despite being asked to write about the power of prayer. Instead, he felt it important to acknowledge and explore the dry times and see what God is doing through it all when he feels so far away and quiet. It’s been really helpful to me in understanding the times when God seems to be silent, or I can’t feel his presence, or he’s seems to not be answering my prayers. In it, Grieg says this in the chapter ‘Exploring the Silence’:

If we can’t see God in our situation right now and can’t feel His hands on our life, we may feel scared, angry or helpless, or we may want to just give up altogether. Where once we could lean on God and life seemed manageable with His help, now He seems to have abandoned us. But the Bible assures is that God hasn’t left us even when we can’t feel His presence. Quite apart from the fact of His omnipresence, Jesus promised never to leave or forsake us. On the cross, He endured complete forsakenness so that we would not have to. The apostle Paul assures is that nothing can separate us from the love of God. The Bible leaves us in no doubt at all that when God is silent, He is not absent from His people - even if that’s the way it feels. He is with us now as much as He ever was…

One constructive thing we can do when we face silence in the dry times is remembering God’s word just as Jesus clung to the Psalms and expressed them in his dry and darkest times. It can feel like hard work in these times but I think it is also faith building. I personally struggle sometimes with what things feel like compared with what the Bible promises. I have to remind myself to base things not on my feelings but on God’s word. I suppose this is part of the lesson that God wants us to learn by deliberately being a bit quieter sometimes.


Thanks for that wisdom, Mike. Yes, our Lord is present in the valley…a very present help in time of trouble.

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